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The sine qua non, or primary purpose for myself in this life is to completely comprehend this reality we each currently find ourselves in.  This objective has proven me that even the most wise still know very little of what this realm has to offer, and that I will surely always be a pupil of a much higher awareness.

The last three decades of my life have been devoted to intently examining the great minds before us.  The exalted ones as well as the baneful.  Those that altered the course of what we know to be human antiquity in many instances, and are the exact ones that have built the foundations in which we all have the unique treasured abilities to expound upon, or assist the just in dismantling.

What I realize with much clarity is that the application of proper nutritive doctrines, has afforded me any true wisdom I have been fortunate enough to obtain, and feel commanded to contribute to others what is learned.

I offer my advanced services to any entity, or endeavor, that is of exemplary service by their nature which evidently exhibit scrupulous principles.  What will be guaranteed beyond reproach is astounding growth in your personal awareness and vitality, or any companies objectives because this is the effect of the application process of Wholistic Nutritional Science, and other Truths to life.

Extraordinary nutriment produces development and magnificent ideas.

We devise highly specific plans for families or individuals no matter what your current level of fitness or personal comprehension of consequential matters such as superior dietary.  We offer several modalities for consultations as in personal office visits, group meetings, to online private relations through Skype, or telephone.

Invaluable blessings arise from the study of Nutrition from which all subjects are born.

Nutrition takes the form of many different expressions in life.  Such as those with whom we are in contact with, colleagues, a guest, the Sun, or even the words we hear and reflect on or music we listen to.

All things return to Nutrition, as nutrition is the source and this is what we were placed here to present to as many who will hear.

Arete everyone.



“What we do in this life echoes in eternity”

-Marcus Aurelius

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