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This compendium of material has taken decades to intently research and to further comprehend and yet it is here and within a few other truly incredible sites. The knowledge from a plethora of astute researchers and luminaries of antiquity is now right at your fingertips for immediate edification. Our sources and references for information are impeccable in their research and highly versed on numerous subjects.

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Below are some of the ongoing endeavors we are seeking to complete by the end of the calendar year 2018.  

We have precisely detailed plans and the blueprint to accomplish these efforts. What I will make very clear here is that our objectives will be satisfied, and that the foundations that we have created in heath and fitness over the last thirty years will be the benchmark and expounded upon by the intelligent youth of today. 

The buildout and schedule for the operational aspects of an organic plant based food distribution center and dine in cafe in Downtown Tomball, Texas, currently established as Callie’s Organic Kitchen.

Callie’s kitchen began four years ago preparing and delivering wholesome organic meals to our client base at Gym Jessop in Spring, Texas. We have grown this aspect of our business and now are one of the predominant displays at two of the largest farmers markets. We are also excited to announce we will soon have some of our prepackaged foods in Whole Foods as well as Sprouts.

We are also readily prepared to open our kitchen for this type of food distribution and Wholistic Nutrition counseling center in Tomball, Texas and have the predetermined location for our dine in cafe in our sights.

Our group is in direct communication with the city officials of Tomball whom we are glad to say are many now on plant based dietaries and are being extremely supportive and helpful with this large undertaking. Much of the Tomball area is becoming very aware of the need for proper nutrition and many of the city servants now have their own stories to share about the regenerative powers of plant based dietaries. is also growing with hundreds of new viewers and subscribers weekly. We are putting in as much time as we are able to solidify the landing page as being one of the most informative electronic data bases for alternative information known.

We have very compelling and imperative data to add to the site that we have been compiling for the last twenty years. Much of the material is in written format and must be transcribed to the webpages manually. Inputting accurate information electronically is of course very time consuming and we are moving as quickly as all possible. We have also recently organized our video series to be constantly uploaded on you tube where we have interviewed some of the greatest minds on the planet and put these discussions into a format that we feel is very interesting and also highly informative to the viewer. On average an hour and a half talk with our guests will require several days of continuous computer work if not more to edit and produce the material the right way. However, we are getting much more efficient and versed in the technical skills required to create this enlightening video library and for this we feel very blessed.

There are no subjects to deep or taboo and we have highly reputable colleagues that are astoundingly intelligent and authoritatively speak on the great mysteries of our time such as the possibilities of a flat hollow earth, the hidden history and origins of humanity, and of course a great majority of our work is delving as deep as we are able into the most pristine forms of Wholistic Nutrition for living beings.

There will be no topic to large and we have sought out the most illumined minds on the planet for our subject matter and as our mentors, true mental giants if our time. The information we have been presenting in more private forums for the last ten years we are now bringing mainstream in pieces, because as it has been written, woe to him who teaches faster than others can learn. The intelligence we have been providing on this site since its inception will be front page news twenty years from now, and this is of vital importance for the entire human family and for our continued existence.

Very soon certain areas of the webpage will have to be viewed on a membership only basis and we do this because we have to because this is the world in which we reside. We must be somewhat compensated for the time to continue to do the required research and also to be protected for the information we present.

We provide these necessary works and continue to seek knowledge because we feel commanded to do so and will continue to contribute to the welfare of humanity in all that we do.

Thank you for reading, if you feel you can assist us in any way please do not hesitate to contact us, this is an immense endeavor that will require numerous thoughtful and generous people.

Our most sincere thank you to all of you whom appreciate and respect all life and the elevation of others.

Arete’ Everyone.