How Dairy “Fertilizes” Cancer: Casein the Cancer Promoter


Editorial Note

We wanted the researchers reading this material to know that these findings are not opinions being exclaimed by a few Doctors and Scientists from Cornell University.  These conclusions equate to evidence based observations by now countless researchers and the amount of this irrefutable data is voluminous in scope.

Dr. T. Colin Campbell as he explains has spent five decades of his life researching nutritional science and was once an advocate for the supremacy of animal proteins.  He like many others have entirely changed their positions regarding what someone could term a benefit from animal based products like milk.

It is not of course well known that human beings are the only species that regularly drinks the milk of another animal, particularly even after infancy.  There may certainly be proof of a few other species in remote areas of the planet but for the most part I feel this statement contains much truth. 

Ingesting todays chemically rife cows milk does not make logical sense for infants and it especially makes none to ingest it as adults.  Infant humans seemingly get away with it for a time because they posses an enzyme called lactase which has the abilities to somewhat assimilate the milk sugars.  Even then, if it is not their mothers milk, the very young will end up having a mucus or colic build up.

This enzyme, as far as I comprehend the subject, becomes inactive with age.  The genome that produces this catalyst, gets completely turned off and becomes unusable.  Meaning past infancy, milk from another species becomes indigestible.  

I want to be very clear here.  This enzymatic process is intelligently designed for a mothers breast milk assimilation; Not cows milk.

This is why the older we get the masses get told the same repeated lines~”you are lactose intolerant.”  What we are not rightly taught though, is that everyone is; especially as we age.

Briefly, the lactose, or disaccharide which is two sugars, cannot be digested properly because It was not meant to be.  These sugars from what I have found bypass the gut entirely, and move directly to the colon where they fester, irritating this extremely important organ and the entire digestive system itself.  

This is precisely why people that do ingest milk products often are immediately seeking a restroom, same with our pets. 

Animals milk and all other animal products are being forced upon society by entities that are ignorant of health and concerned with only money, the fake money that is.  The real money is wisdom and the ascension process that some of us are experiencing. 

Taking milk unnecessarily from another besides our mother is one of the most unnatural taught habits I can imagine.  Aside from eating the dead flesh of these same animals of course.   

Why would anyone continue to drink this homogenized, pasteurized, and every other form of frequency altering process man can think of substance, when there is cashew milk, flax milk, coconut milk, hemp milk, almond milk, and the like?

The dairy cows of today are not your cared for animals, ones out grazing on your large green pastures, getting fed from the Sunshine which produces the grass they consume or even walking around period, for that matter.  Most it seems are kenneled in tiny stalls, fattened up with genetically modified corn, and are subjected to constant milking which causes their udders to bleed and become infected which results in puss passing into the indigestible milk itself.  This, along with all the noxious antibiotics and growth hormones like estrogen, that these very intelligent animals are subjected to as well.

And all this is done, unnecessarily.

To learn more about the how we are not meant morally, or logically, to ingest so called foods from animal products which offend our biological and cellular structures read here.

It is my desire that one of the largest organizations that still promote animal products like meat, such as The Weston A. Price Foundation whom I once had great respect for, will contact us and  refute what is described here in so that we might all come to a better understanding.  To get a little deeper into  true science and more importantly, morality. 

The writers and directors of content there now will soon realize that if a food product is to be of beneficial use in the human biological structure, it must necessarily be electric in its nature; in which dead animal tissue they continue to destructively advocate, is not.

Even your founder Dr. Price himself urged an altogether different diet than what the foundation now promotes.  He did so in known letters he wrote to his family.  

The glorious future will be mankind working with and elevating animals, not thieving from, by taking their lives while slaughtering them, and the quicker this occurs the better; for all our sake.

We have much respect and hold much gratitude for the thoughtful human beings and farmers that treat animals with the respect and kindness they deserve.

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By Candace Parmer CCT

Member American Collage Of Clinical Thermology

Hello Radiant Bodies!

No cheese lover wants to hear that their most beloved protein will promote growth in cancer cells.  Nor did the researcher who discovered it, Colin Campbell, a college kid born of a dairy farmer, trying to prove the superiority of animal protein.  His experiments went sour.  Not only did milk not do a body good, its primary protein was shown to be akin to pouring fuel on cancer.  Dr. Campbell traced it to the casein which makes up 87% of the protein in milk and he explains how he not only turned cancer on in the lab, but turned cancer off by removing most of the casein.  Added casein back to their diet, and at levels above 5% of total calories, cancer was turned back on!  Could our cancer epidemic be reversed as simply as replacing animal proteins with plant proteins?  Many are saying “yes!”

Kathy Freston interviews T. Colin Campbell, PHD, Professor Emeritus at Cornell University, published in Huffington Post A Cure For Cancer? Eating a Plant-Based Diet and re-published on American Cancer Society’s discussion board as Casein in Milk and Protein in General and Cancer (this version harder to read due to poor formatting). 


“Our work showed that casein is the most relevant cancer promoter ever discovered.” Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD.

Initiation occurs when chemicals or other agents attack the genes of normal cells to produce genetically modified cells capable of eventually causing cancer. The body generally repairs most such damage but if the cell reproduces itself before it is repaired, its new (daughter) cell retains this genetic damage. This process may occur within minutes and, to some extent, is thought to be occurring most of the time in most of our tissues.

Promotion occurs when the initiated cells continue to replicate themselves and grow into cell masses that eventually will be diagnosed. This is a long growth phase occurring over months or years and is known to be reversible(CASEIN IS A PROMOTER)

Progression occurs when the growing cancer masses invade neighboring tissues and/or break away from the tissue of origin (metastasis) and travel to distant tissues when they are capable of growing independently at which point they are considered to be malignant.”


“Among other fundamental effects, it makes the body more acidic, alters the mix of hormones and modifies important enzyme activities, each of which can cause a broad array of more specific effects. One of these effects is its ability to promote cancer growth (by operating on key enzyme systems, by increasing hormone growth factors and by modifying the tissue acidity). Another is its ability to increase blood cholesterol (by modifying enzyme activities) and to enhance atherogenesis, which is the early stage of cardiovascular disease.

And finally, although these are casein-specific effects, it should be noted that other animal-based proteins are likely to have the same effect as casein.”

The article goes into how plant-based protein of “low biological value” reverses even cancer previously promoted with “high biological value” animal protein.

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