Roundup’s Toxic Chemical Glyphosate, Found In 100% Of California Wines Tested


Valhalla Editorial Note: Glyphosates much like Genetically Modified Organisms are an abomination to this world. In broad terms the way these poisons work is by exploding the stomachs of the bacteria that eats them. Why does anyone suppose that there are so many afflicted with all the numerous stomach ailments such as diverticulitis, colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, Chron’s, leaky gut etc, that are devastating our society presently?

Rodents such as mice that are fed glyphosates and genetically modified food like substances are known to develop grotesque tumors, suffer severe liver and kidney damage and also become sterile with even the smallest amounts. Human beings genetic makeup and our very DNA code is almost identical to that of a mouse by the way. -Valhalla


Roundup’s Toxic Chemical Glyphosate, Found In 100% Of California Wines Tested

Glyphosate usage has gotten so out of control that it’s seemingly taken on a life of its own and is now showing up even in foods that haven’t been directly sprayed, namely the grapes used to make organic wine.

 Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is the most used agricultural chemical in history. It’s used in a number of different herbicides (700 in all), but Roundup is by far the most widely used.

Since glyphosate was introduced in 1974, 1.8 million tons have been applied to U.S. fields, and two-thirds of that volume has been sprayed in the last 10 years.

 A recent analysis showed that farmers sprayed enough glyphosate in 2014 to apply 0.8 pounds of the chemical to every acre of cultivated cropland in the U.S., and nearly 0.5 a pound of glyphosate to all cropland worldwide. [1]

If you purchase organic foods or beverages, you should theoretically be safe from glyphosate exposure, as this chemical is not allowed in organic farming. But a new analysis revealed glyphosate has now infiltrated not only wine but also organic wine.

10/10 Wines Tested Contained Glyphosate

An anonymous supporter of advocacy group Moms Across America sent 10 wine samples to be tested for glyphosate. All of the samples tested positive for glyphosate — even organic wines, although their levels were significantly lower. [2]

The highest level detected was 18.74 parts per billion (ppb), which was found in a 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon from a conventional vineyard. This was more than 28 times higher than the other samples tested.

The lowest level, 0.659 ppb, was found in a 2013 Syrah, which was produced by a biodynamic and organic vineyard. An organic wine made from 2012 mixed red wine grapes also tested positive for glyphosate at a level of 0.913 ppb.

How Does Glyphosate End up in Wine?

While glyphosate isn’t sprayed directly onto grapes in vineyards (it would kill the vines), it’s often used to spray the ground on either side of the grape vines. Moms Across America reported: [3]
This results in a 2-to 4- foot strip of Roundup sprayed the soil with grapevines in the middle. According to Dr. Don Huber at a talk given at the Acres USA farm conference in December of 2011, the vine stems are inevitably sprayed in this process and the

Roundup is likely absorbed through the roots and bark of the vines from where it is translocated into the leaves and grapes.”

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  1. Kyle has been warning about anything from the west coast, particularly wines, nuts and sea food, for over 6 years now, within a week of the Fukushima disaster. And sadly very few people will ever see reports like this and even fewer will care until its to late. This though is changing very quickly and You all are a large part of it. So far ahead with excellent information. Thank you again brother.

    C. Jessop

  2. Mainstream sources of “news” mention none of any of this, proving what an absolute joke they truly are. They are good at keeping everyone fighting with each other though and distracting us with things that do not matter whatsoever, bravo to this site and all those like them!

    1. All the real reporting explains of all the sea life dying off in the entire pacific ocean. It is so unreal and scary.

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