By:  Jessop  / Valhalla


The Necessary Properties of Healthy Live Soils and The Majesty Of Plants As They Are Both Imperative to Our Individual Lives.


Although we certainly realize, for the most part anyhow, organically conscious farming and the use of mineral derived fungicides or naturally occurring pesticides are far superior than their genetically modified, and chemically laden counterparts, as many articles are now correctly noting, organic farming is not the end all be all solution.  Also, the terms “organic,” and “natural,” ought to be defined more precisely.


Read carefully further when you choose to find out just how important our soils are and how the term organic is constantly being diluted and may not mean what you think it means.

For the ones formulating our soils to the ones ingesting the products we know as food, would each have their own defnintion of the terms would they not?  See we are eating and drinking things that others have termed, and even concocted for us, to be food and drink.  Be assured many define, and even consider what would be food much differently.

Defining terms is Crucial.

All words should be parsed as a point fact, because this is only where any type of true knowledge will be found.  Knowledge that has profound implications to you.  Prepare for conversations to start taking a bit longer.

The more society loosely throws words around, or even worse, repeating terms in which they themselves do not fully comprehend in every sense, is the worse off we will all be.  Remember not only will they need themselves to comprehend multiple senses of words, but each would also need to know how the other person is interpreting what is being spoken. 

As the words become more complex so to do the senses of them.

The Socratic Methodology.  This is the only way to real truth and to self realization absolutely.

The story though is that an organic lifestyle, and seeking organic nourishment is only a small piece of a vey large dynamic and constantly changing puzzle.  The good news is there are numerous of us whom have always loved puzzles, particularly ones that involve our health, and the way the spectacular human being machine is meant to operate.

The story, one of the largest, is about our soil and poisoned skies which is now blatantly obvious, now even painted with lethal aerosols in tactical looking grid patterns.  See this is what we are breathing in, the human family and every other breathing organism on this planet, including plants, which are imperative to all existence.  

You may see for yourselves here in the link below the rapidly darkening skies.

Interestingly, although most of our immune systems health is determined by the health of our gut, we are strengthened immunologically and granted better immunity through our nasal passages, as they are the initial filters which creates part of us, a large part.

The plants also control and regulate the amounts and purity of our oxygen.  They breathe and absorb our waste products and give us back life.  How well do you feel they can do this when they are saturated with toxic manufactured poisonous matter generated by industry and apathetic ill informed humans?

Our message is about missing bacteria and non live devoid of mineral soils, which has been replaced with industrialized waste products that apparently magically fall from the sky.  Because no credit seems to be taken as chemical dousing of the atmosphere continues to be denied to the masses.  Also poisons from smelting, galvanizing, mining, and “progressive” industry are also horrifically being used as fertilizers, which is what we are all now eating, even down to the bacteria that should reside in the soils.  The bacterium that then should make its way in our digestive tracks.  This is how, and the only way we are able to extract energy from our foods.  

They, the bacterium, do the work that we cannot perform without them. 

Hazardous Waste products continue to be used as fertilizers out of ignorance I feel more than all else.  Although they are also Forced upon us by misinformed, and the far worse, apathetic and unscrupulous people that deny the problems even exist as well.  This denial and insane behavior will continue to adulterate our soils and rapidly shrinking so called food and water supplies.

Surely this is only occurring in China though. 

Further, this is only a small portion of the of an extremely deep subject that is of monumental importance to us all.  The subject of becoming or remaining completely healthy that is.  Know this, in California alone the farmers are able to use up to 250 chemicals on their crops and continue to maintain their USDA Organic Labeling.   This is because the chemicals are “labeled,” as fertilizers.  Again back to defining of terms.

Because what these people are claiming to be fertilizers, to me is toxic hazardous poisons and there is without a doubt a better choice.

Ingesting organic and live foods is simply a fraction of a much larger scope of action one would need take to obtain optimal results, albeit ingesting organic and live natural foods, would be an excellent start.

We need more specific standards in branding.  Excellent would be many more thoughtful organizations and individuals willing to do the research in order to hold others accountable for their quality.  Imagine reaching a point where a child is able to properly inform the “scientist” expert types as to why pesticides are thought necessary in the first place.

Now imagine a future where every child being able to.

One very topical point would be, if the soils and plants were not first damaged by all the hazardous waste products, and metals such as aluminum particulate matter, plants and trees, would as they are intelligently designed, create their own innate pesticides.  

This is Nature at her finest.  

This is of course before their landscape was poisoned which in fact weakened them to the point where insects could infect the plant and fungus could grow in the first place. 

No chemicals used to be ever necessary, and they still aren’t.  You know back before we had to actually call things organic.  They just were.  As we are now calling things “natural chicken?”  What other kind of chicken is there?  Supernatural chickens or what.  And “natural” cleaners, this is all some of us have ever known, plant based mineral cleaners and oils. 

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
~Hosea 4:6

Friend once said to me that “all that is real, is dirt and trees.”

We need more labels, and we need less monopolies, unless the they monopolize perfection. We ought strive to be the provider, not the provided, especially when it comes to what we put into our bodies.

And the only one that can make any of this occur, is you, exactly where true change begins.





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