Not so “GR-R-EAT”


At a recent Client visit, a few of the many children’s cereal culprits were found. Sure they have pretty bright colored boxes with animals popping out at us and prizes inside that children will by design be geared towards choosing. Unfortunately eating that cardboard box will do less harm then eating the cereal itself. (Not advising anyone to eat any cereal boxes)

Just a few of the ingredients…

Sugar and Milled corn – Sure that doesn’t seem too harmful. However, we here in the United States have unfortunately not passed mandatory GMO labeling laws like most other countries as of yet, although many great individuals and organizations are working very hard to change that. So what we are consuming when eating cereal such as these are Genetically Engineered corn and sugar from GMO sugar beets, but of course that tiger on the front of the box does not tell you that. If one does not know of genetically modified ingredients and the absolutely atrocious proven effects they have on our health , I would strongly, and I mean strongly urge you to become familiar with them. (Just off the top of my head I would guess that ATLEAST 70% of our food in grocery stores today contain GMO’s). All corn produced here is now around 90%GMO! If your corn is not 100% organic and from a trusted company, I promise you it is most likely genetically modified. (Might want to check out the documentary “Seeds of Death”)

Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Also GMO) – Absolutely one of the worst things we can put in our beautiful bodies. This process is so horrific, Hydrogenated oils have actually been proven to Scar the internal walls of our arteries due to the heavy metals that leach into the oil during the heating process and the list goes on and on…

Hexametaphosate – Does anyone believe a toxin this difficult to pronounce belongs in the human body? (Pale and swollen kidneys, increased kidney weights, bone decalcification, muscle fiber size changes, hyperplasia and severe skin irritations)- These are just a few of the reported effects from just ONE ingredient in this cereal!

Butylated Hydroxytoluene (BHT), also known as dibutylhydroxytoluene A synthetic preservative used in many lipsticks and cosmetics. The International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies BHA/BHT as a possible human carcinogen… Long-term exposure to high doses of BHT is toxic in mice and rats, causing liver, thyroid and kidney problems and affecting lung function and blood coagulation… Why is this in our food supply period, especially our children’s cereal?

Last but certainly not least,

Artificial Food dyes and Colorings– Our Fruit Loops are not colored pretty colors because of fruit ( they actually clearly appear to have not a trace of fruit in them). They are colored thanks to yellow 5, red 40, blue 2, yellow 6, and blue 1. All these unnecessary chemical concoctions sure as the grass is green result in hyperactivity (ADHD) in children and has been proven over and over again. These food colorings are in the majority of children’s processed snacks and should be avoided at ALL cost!

In their 58-page report, “Food Dyes: A Rainbow of Risks,” CSPI revealed that nine of the food dyes currently approved for use in the US are linked to health issues ranging from cancer and hyperactivity to allergy-like reactions — and these results were from studies conducted by the chemical industry itself.9 For instance, Red # 40, which is the most widely used dye, may accelerate the appearance of immune system tumors in mice, while also triggering hyperactivity in children.

They are so thoughtful to label Vitamin D on the front of the box, would you not think if they really cared about their consumers they would take initiative and remove these awful toxins? Or at the very least label them correctly so that we consumers know exactly what we are putting into our bodies! Then maybe we could actually consider them as “GREATTTT”!

We realize with the frenzied schedules and circumstances life can sometimes throw at us that cereal is our only option, we do not always have the luxury of waking up to cook our pasture raised eggs and vegetables. Fortunately, the demand for clean food is rising due to the growing of awareness of the horrendous state of our countries health and our food supply. More and more companies who do care about the health of you and your family are creating wholesome nourishing products! There are numerous other options for our growing children or yourself that are clean, organic and will fuel the body instead of break it down. As for the milk that goes with the cereal, that is for another day…

-Callie’s Kitchen


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Callie Ann
About the Author
My name is Callie Ann, I am an Organic Chef, Holistic Health Coach, Lifestyle Cleanse Educator and Professional Website Builder. I provide wholesome, organic ready made meals and meal plans to The Woodlands, Sping and Tomball, TX and work personally with Individuals and Families on living a chemical free nourishing life. I feel very blessed to have learned at an early age the incredible power of proper nutrition and the reality of the world we live in, for it indescribably changed my life and gave me a completely new spark. I truly love what I do, and my mission is to educate as many others as possible with this empowering information and knowledge.

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