Knowing Allicin: A Somewhat Detailed Look At One Of Natures Most Greatest Gifts Most Commonly Known As Garlic

By Jessop 



A partial recording of one of Natures most greatest gifts known most commonly as Garlic.

How is it all together possible for a plant that grows wild to be known as both a poison and as one of Mother Natures finest remedies?

It is even more difficult to understand this vegetable as being healthy when we know that Garlic paste was said to once have been smeared on the bullets in World War 1 and 2, apparently to inflict death on the presumed enemies.  Or, that Garlic and onions are known to be forbidden and denounced in some religious sects, even being prohibited around the Temples.

The Enigma That Is Allicin

Esteemed readers, it is difficult to project into words the exactly astounding properties and history of yet another exquisite herb from the Plant Kingdom in such a brief essay.  How could anyone rightly describe something that has been around for thousands and thousands of years, if not indefinitely longer?  

Please know however, I am surely presenting material that will prove extremely beneficial  to anyone that will first avail themselves properly of the intelligence, and then apply the wisdom of these truths.  A more thorough investigation into the information provided here will connect many more seemingly unconnected things.

Before we chronicle some of the truly wondrous benefits of such well forgotten information relating to Garlic, or Allicin, which is the primary compound that the garlic does not contain, but necessarily makes; I will preface the following material with an observation as to exactly why most have forgotten the powers of this ancient herb in the first place.

There is a wealth of accurate information regarding the human need to utilize both hemispheres our brains.  Which is exactly what we are not doing as a society.  

This is of monumental importance to the continuation of mankind, and cannot be properly explained in a short message as it has taken decades to even somewhat comprehend for any person that studies the subject matters details.

In just a few words describing the differences of the left and right brain mentalities and characteristics.

First that comes to mind would be that the left hemisphere of the brain associates itself with the masculine.  Not male; but masculine.  Male and female is the classification we were placed into by entities that feel they are more important than us.  Male and female are terms originally deemed for animals, so implies any accurate dictionary or antiquity records. 

Very briefly, the masculine side of the brain concerns itself with war, competition, success at all costs, seeing things only in parts, etc.  The feminine side of the brain, or right side, associates itself with art, creativity, and to the higher awareness that leads to perhaps the most important result, ancestral knowledge; which brings me to the finer points.

It is in fact the right side of the brain, or the feminine side, that we must awaken, and rapidly.  As we have all been subjected to complete left brain propaganda which is presently dominating our species.

If we as the Human Family are unable to tap into the ancestral knowledge reservoir that has been so graciously passed down to us by our thoughtful and benevolent elders, well then we are simply children waiting for our instructions from the televisions which is without a doubt all left brained indoctrination.

Wake her up, and notice how quickly your life changes.  Your exquisite energy is not only necessary, but elemental to the divine universal order of things.

Why garlic, and how is it that some very learned people consider garlic as a poison?

First we will respond to the latter and then go into some detail as to the also majestic elements this vegetable contains. Please know far greater specifics could be conveyed regarding how we know garlic and its sulphuric properties can be known as toxic.

I will start the message with a quotation from one of the greatest minds of all time.

He shares a very, very large story within these few words that is directly related to Biology.

Anytime a biological being is hurt it creates defense mechanisms so as to not be affected again.  This is the way immune systems operate, all immune systems.  Mother Nature always does things to proliferate life, not negate it.  It is these attributes within the food material in this case that we should be inspecting further.  Because as a matter of evident fact, it is the properties within the foods we ingest that create the qualities and behaviors of those whom ingest them, us human beings and animals included.

We know throughout recorded antiquity that garlic has been used as an insecticide.  As a matter of actuality garlic was planted throughout certain farms to ward off pests and even animals attempting to feed on the harvests.

We are also aware that garlic has been used in both World War 1 and World War 2, by the military industrial complex’s Italian soldiers.  The garlic pastes were spread on the bullets, and even upon arrowheads so as to infect those that were pierced by the weapons.

Garlic is also known to either contain, or produce sulfone hydroxyl.  This compound is known to be able to pass the blood brain barrier according to many researchers, namely Dr. Robert Beck.  According to Dr. Beck, even small doses of garlic that penetrates this precious barrier poisons tens of thousand of brain cells.  Mr. Beck is a medical doctor that practiced neurology and was well known in the 1990’s for speaking about electrifying the blood for health.

I could say many things about the last few sentences, a start would be that this information was only a snippet of a two hour long lecture in which he was not differentiating between healthy and non healthy people’s ingestion of garlic.  This is a vitally important detail.

Garlic certainly appears to have the ability to perforate weak intestinal and mucosal linings, even the tougher walls that have been weakened which house the intestines themselves.

So why garlic?

If you feel what you have read thus far is somewhat interesting please do continue to read because I have not even started.

I will share with you why garlic, and why I, as many absolute luminaries feel garlic is so incredibly special.

There is a systematic methodology directly associated with the Hindu’s which apparently originated in India called Ayurveda that is very important to my life.  Many know these practices as Ayurvedic Medicine.

To give a rather excellent definition of Hinduism Mr. Jay Weidner is next paraphrased. “Hinduism is to gain the upmost knowledge through completely comprehending the reality or density we live in; Ascension.

What a way to live, this is why their literature and messages shared are so crucial.

Ayurveda and other ancient Hindu systems classify foods in a far more detailed and useful way than the West.  Those seeking vitality information like myself have been inundated with a very topical look at what food is.  We are taught that food is carbohydrates, fats, enzymes, proteins, macronutrients, micronutrients, etc.  

This is not what food is at all as I will attempt to explain a bit further. 

The ancient east teachings confer to us that food should be classified as to its taste in which there are 6 evident qualities.  They are as follows; Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy, and astringent.  Wisdom shares with us that the more of these qualities that foods have, the better they are for the person indulging in them.

There are as I understand it, only a handful of what we know to be food that contains a majority, meaning five, of these qualities.  Garlic, and the Indian gooseberry, also known as the amla are two.

Ancient medical texts out of India such as the Tiggi, Charaka, Samhita, and the Unani, all expound upon the healing properties of garlic.  It seems every era of our antiquity reveres garlic as a superfood and a treatment for numerous ailments.

Garlic appears to have been a large part of the Egyptians diet as well, particularly the working class, although cloves have also been discovered in the tombs of the so called Pharos, Kings and Queens.  Such as King Tutankhamen’s grave which was excavated in 1922 by Howard Carter and team.

The Great Pyramid at Giza is actually inscribed with words, and or images detailing the amounts of garlic and onions that were consumed by the workers that apparently built this monument.  According to Dr. Peter Josling a manufactured garlic shortage caused the first industrial strike!  “This strike was caused when the ruling Egyptians stopped the daily rations of garlic given to the construction teams to ward off dis ease and build their strength.  The men immediately downed tools and refused to continue their labours until rations were restored.”

One leading authoritative medical text of the time known as the Codex Ebers prescribed garlic and other vegetables in the Allium family such as chives, leeks, onions and scallions, for the treatment of abnormal growths, circulatory ailments, malaise and infestations with insects or parasites.

The Grecian peoples also have a history with this herb, as many of the philosophers we yearn to learn so much about, praise and wrote a litany of literature referring to the healing powers of garlic.  Dioscorides who was the chief Physician to Nero’s army wrote a 5 volume treatise recommending garlic because it cleans the arteries.  As well as Pliny the Elder, a Greek physician and philosopher wrote the Historica Naturalis which offers 23 uses for garlic.  “Garlic was used to confer significant protection against toxins and infections, a finding corroborated by contemporary investigations of the effects of garlic upon activities of p450-2EA and other degradative diseases.”

Garlic and onions apparently were both also utilized as possible performance enhancing agents in the Grecian Olympics.  This surely would seem plausible as it was widely reported during these times.

Other Physicians and Philosophers that wrote about and prescribed garlic were some true heavyweights of antiquity such as Virgil, Hippocrates, Homer, Aristotle, Galen, and Mohammed.

Ancient Rome also seemed to fancy garlic as it was fed to of course the soldiers and sailors alike, again with the intentions of keeping them strong.  As I understand it garlic was even on most ships manifest at the time.

Religious texts from all over the world also convey messages about this majestical plant and not just the Bible.

Numbers 11:5.

Also The Talmud, which is the Jewish text that dates from the second century A.D, or Anno Domini, references garlic being utilized for pro-creation.  Please know that also organic forms of Vitamin E is  known to posses this same crucial quality.  It’s purpose is actually in the more technical name itself, (Tocopherol).  Break the term down and see what you find.  To bear children would be one.

In closing, the most remarkable attributes of garlic to me are indeed the numbers and numerology associated with it.  Garlic is known to posses 33 sulphur compounds.  Again 33, the number that continues to appear throughout recorded history.  Garlic contains Seventeen amino acids.  The number 7 which also dominates some of the largest of subjects.  And then 8 minerals, (germanium, iron, potassium, magnesium, selenium, calcium, copper and zinc).  The number 8 is the number that equates fittingly to control.

Perhaps that is why Apple computer headquarters address is 1 Infinite Loop, the infinite loop is the numeral 8, and there is much, much more.

Just as the rose has thorns, the plant we know as garlic also contains its own faculties for protection, just ask the vampires. 

As with anything, the amount, quality, and constitution of the person ingesting the food material is of vital importance.




“Everything that you are advised is based on moderation and based on what your digestive capacities are.”

~Dr. Neelesh Korde





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