The Super Heavyweight of Molecules

The Super Heavyweight of Molecules


L-Glutathione is the master molecule that should be present in our bodies and minds.

There have been over 75,000 research papers and medical articles published that have documented this precious antioxidant.  It is so important, much like that of cholesterol, our bodies produce it, healthy bodies that is.

L-glutathione and what it is comprised of, Glutamate, L-cysteine, and L-glycine are known to expunge free radicals.

Free radicals are oxygen atoms that have lost, or do not have an electron or electrons.  They are electron stealers which go scavenging seeking a host to feed off of, the host happens to be us.  This is how oxidation occurs and precisely how iron turns to rust.

This is the second law of thermodynamics.

Free Radicals cause human cellular damage when there are to many of them for the body to rightly contain and dispose of.

These free radicals are produced when the body is subjected to toxins from frying our meals in any oil , modified fake food like substances and chemicals, electro-magnetic pollution from wireless devices, and microwave so called technology, along with other stressors etc.

Our Guardians

L-glutathione is numero uno for detoxifying our systems, and please know that this miraculous molecule will regenerate itself only when enough selenium is present.  Those that know this information also most certainly realize that are soils all around the world are vastly depleted in this other master mineral known as selenium and must search for very specific food products and supplements that contain this crucial trace element.  Glutathione and selenium work in tandem and extremely well together, so say numerous true exerts.  Anyone and everyone that truly knows, from well informed Nutritionists, Wholistic health care practitioners, enlightened pharmacists, and scientist, realize the powers of this superior antioxidant. 

It is the sulfur content within L-glutathione that is known to be sacred.  The same sulfur that is found in mineral rich salts, not simply sea salt, especially not sea salt actually,  Real Salts; and watermelon.


The same sulfur that is in diesel fuel which is exactly the reason diesel engines perform indefinetley when maintained properly, whereas vehicles using regular petroleum which now contains ethanol, or genetically modified corn, degenerate so quickly.

Exactly like the human body will when subjected to modified substances, like fake corn products and all the other phony food like substances being promoted by those that no nothing of health and care not in the least of yours it appears.

Organically Grown Garlic

Sulfur is known to be viscous, or sticky.  This is precisely the way it escorts toxins out of the body.  Because the body has incredible wisdom and regenerative powers when treated with the respect it deserves.  Please know also, those that are the most ill among us, are known to have the lowest levels of this incredible molecule.  L-glutathione should, and I emphasize should, be abundant in organic melons, particularly watermelons.  Do be very wary though of most all watermelons as they are one of the most manipulated and genetically modified foods today.  Also they are known as “seedless” watermelons.

How Special.

Other foods that should be highly replete with L-Glutathione/Sulphur are the same ones I have been speaking about since Noah was a boy.  Garlic, onions, avocados, tomatoes, (all organic or thoughtfully grown) such as with some farmers markets, vegetable stands, and in the organic groceries.


Absolute super-foods, I would bet my life on them.  I already have and something certainly is working thus far as I feel better and stronger every day.  Just like anyone is able once very basic, yet somehow such elusive information is utilized.

Strange like all else though, because the large, all knowing oracles such as the new dictionaries and bought and paid for search engines laughably label sulfur as a chemical and imply that it makes paper and gunpowder, oh, and also that it smells.  Yes really nasty stuff that Sulfur.

Not a peep or sentence about the tremendous health benefits that engulf Sulfur.


Because the more shallow your search will result in the most shallow of answers.

Dictionaries have a history, (his-story/ her-story) as well.   As words and terms are rapidly being erased and destroyed to be replaced with slang, newspeak, and even worse, unintelligible nonsensical abbreviated babel and vile vulgarity which is extremely repugnant to anyone that is halfway conscious of the world around them.

They must have missed the 75,000 plus articles and published papers regarding this blessing of such a crucial nutrient.

“Maybe we are getting the wrong advice from people, maybe we are missing something.” ~Peter Attia MD., Ph.D., Engineer, athlete, and a correctly informed human being and athlete.

Fairy tale land known as tel lie vision, although certainly not all of our fairy tales, ridiculous distractions, and all apathy must be admonished if we are to flourish as a people.  It is a magnificent time to be alive right now, unfathomable momentous changes to the Natural Order of Things are known to be occurring at this moment, all seemingly being missed by the vast majority of people.

Tolerance and apathy are the last virtues of a dying society


Change your scenery change your life.


“A true miracle element”


Noted as one of the top ten quoted research scientists in the entire world.


If this is new information to you, and you have not read anything like this before maybe it might be time to change your surroundings and sources for correctly detailed information.

Peace to all those seeking the same and to all the purveuors of knowledge in this world, past, and present.  It is for you all that we have a foundation to expound upon.






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