The Mysterious Numeral 7 and its Incalculable Number of References Throughout History



Yes that old mysterious number seven.

What follows is a short list I have compiled over many years about the numeral 7. There are literally countless other examples yet these are ones I find most captivating.


There are, 7 Colors of the Rainbow.

7 Musical Notes.

7 Continents.

7 Sacred directions.

7 Days of the Week.

Of course the 7th day of the week, “Sun” day, was declared Holy.

Although another group chose to honor their God on Saturday.

Saturn Day


Because everything we know or thought we knew  is sadly incorrect, and as it has been said, nothing, at all , works as you think it does.  The way it truly works anyhow.

Moving on

Genesis, the first, the alpha, or beginning, such as the first book in the Bible, contains what do you know, seven letters.

The Bible also implies God created the world in 7 days.

There are also, 7 Seas on planet earth.

As well as,

7 Vertebrae which support the human head and brain located in our necks.

7 Major components of our central Nervous system.

Along with the,

7 Seals that were written about in the Book of Revelation.

The seals that bound the 7 scrolls of an apocalypse that John presumably envisioned.

Continuing on, 7, also resonates to, or rhymes with Heaven and the potential hydrogen, or PH for pristine water, is also of course, 7.

ph chart

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Seven, is known to be exactly neutral when determining alkalinity of water.

We know also there are, 7 Primary bodily functions. Respiration, circulatory, assimilation, excretion, reproduction, sensation, reaction, = 7.

Also there are 7 layers in the earth’s atmosphere.

It has been interpreted as well that Solomon’s temple in the biblical tale, took 7 years to build. Many more now realize though, this is an allegorical depiction, and that Solomon’s temple appears to be the human body.

There are as well,

7 perceived Deadly sins.

You know, like the movie SEVEN depicted.

Certainly hollywood is consumed in numerology as well.

Sadly, the lead actor, and it seems activist, in Furious Seven, was killed before the movie premiered on none other than April 3rd, or 4/3, which again is 7.

Personally though, I have never even glanced at such a movie representing so much moronic behavior from human beings that appear to be men. Yet I know this much through the research of numbers about the loss of what appears to be another thoughtful person.

Remembering also all the other movies and books where the number 7 continues to dominate titles and subject matter.

Such as, The Seventh Sign, the Seventh Seal, Seven years in Tibet, Seven pounds, Magnificent seven, Seven brides for seven brothers, and of course we were provided with 007, or James Bond, whom was actually a real person in Britain’s secret service.

Ian Flemming.

007 has extremely deep roots.

Of course Sir John Dee, astrologer, and advisor to the so called queen Elizabeth also used to sign off of his written material with 007.

There are also, 7 perceived Wonders of the world.

7 Major cell congregations in the human brain.

7 Visible celestial bodies or planets.

We have also, 7 Chakras or power centers in the human organism.


7 Distinct regions of the human body.

The head, thorax, abdomen, 2 arms, 2 legs, again =7.

The literary works that everyone enjoys also seem to take heed of this special number, as there were 7 books in the Harry Potter series.

As well as the 7 books in the old testament that were said to be removed from the Bible by Martin Luther.

This reference to Harry Potter may seem insignificant to some.

However, when closer attention is paid to even the largest of tragedies, hoaxes or not, there is seemingly always someone present whom is mentioning this book in their prepared and phony speeches.

The number 7 is also mentioned over 550 times in the Bible, depending on which “authorized” version one chooses to feel is the right one, I know because I highlighted them.  Such as with the so called King James version, because this so called king deleted profound material from the Bible and apparently had Sir Frances Bacon rewrite it to uphold his personal beliefs. 

The number 7 is the bedrock of much older books than the Bible as well.

Because there is a much larger story than the one we are being misled to.

There are, 7 Heavens, 7 hills, and 7 perceived stages of grief. As well as, 7 Trumpets which were described in the last book of the Bible, and how it was written that Noah loaded the clean animals in pairs of 7’s in the ark story.

The number 7 is known to stand for wisdom.

Moving on, there is 7 Days of Jewish passover.

The historical figure Jesus was also said to have bled 7 times for our sins.

Snow white was known to have 7 dwarves.

There is unlimited knowledge embedded in the Nursery Rhymes of old.

Also there are, 7 cavities in the human head.

2 eyes, two nostrils, two ears, one mouth, =7.

Two ears and one mouth perhaps being most crucial.

This has always revealed to me that I need listen more than speak.

Moreover, 7 is the only number in the English language that has two syllables. With one exception, if we include zero which means none, nought, or nill, the exact opposite of the meaning of, you guessed it, 7.

Because 7 is everything.

In addition,

in the book of revelation in the Bible, John addresses the 7 churches in the form of again, 7 letters or manuscripts. In fact, these 7 churches, were also known as the 7 sisters.

Certainly the largest corporations on the planet utilize this mystical number as well. For instance. 7-Eleven, Seven up, Seagram’s 7, Boeing 777, Jack Daniels whiskey is old number 7, etc.

Boeing 7777 up

There are also, 7 Levels to the periodic table (the essence of everything that is), at least for now.


As well as, 7 metals of antiquity that comprise and bind our entire civilization. Gold, silver, copper, tin, aluminum, mercury, and iron.

As much as I love Iron, the way it feels in my hands while building my physique with it, I am grateful to be coming out of the Iron Age humanity has been in fact drowning in outside the weight rooms. Iron being heavy ,thick and magnetic, also attracts oxidation, and this breakdown, causes people to live in acidity. The wrong forms of Iron also depletes copper in the human organism which is crucial for good health.

We are moving directly back to the Golden Age however one must be fully conscious and awake to realize this fact.

 Directly back to full unadulterated awareness, some much faster than others, and it cannot come soon enough for me.

7 Seth

Horus or hours.

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This content for another time though, back to the sevens.

In the beginning created God the heavens and the earth.

When this powerful initial sentence in the Bible though is translated into Hebrew, a much older and seemingly accurate interpretation of the Bible,  not only is it reduced to 7 words, but each of those words are known to have 7 extremely particular features relating to again, 7.

Truly mesmerizing to see this drawn out in examples.

Novels have been written about this one sharpened point alone, all well documented facts describing these incredible truths that are exactly astounding once delved into.

We also know, 7 Stars comprise the Big Dipper. These again 7 stars also point directly to the north star, which guides captains at sea to this day, and throughout all of history, as well as leading the 3 wise man in biblical tales.

7 digits in succession, or in a row has been shown to be the limit of memory for most human beings. This is why until recently all phone numbers contained 7 numerals until the area codes came to fruition.

The reference to the number 7 also occurs with unrelenting frequency in seemingly every news cycle. From the dates and times embedded within the information, to even the smallest of details about the largest of stories.

Real or not.

In the sports arena, are not the quarter backs always wearing the number 7?

The presumed brains of the team, where the decisions are made.

Lest we not forget about the old seventh inning stretch or even the 7 year itch.

Etc, etc, etc.

There are other numbers as well that continue to dominate the entire world such as 12, 13, and of course 9, 11, and 33 which is coming next.


Soros and 33

You know the age when the historical Jesus was said to have been slain, 33.

Gates and 33

Or we can speak to the absolute miracle that ought to occur in every human beings 33rd vertebrae at the top of their spinal columns

Where our precious oil was intelligently designed to be Christened and regenerated.

When this life-giving oil is permitted through vitalism to reach this sacred area, millions of brain cells awaken and illuminate.

True life extension.

This is the Sacred physiology and science of everything.

Thank you to those who appreciate the information being provided as it has not come easy, nor should it.

Pythagoras Numers

God is Number-Pythagoras

You may find more intriguing information regarding the number 7 and the unbelievable connections to our elected officials here.

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  1. The reference to Horus, are you saying this also means hours of the day or time? That seems to be right on, this is all so wild. Esoteric agenda video references Horus as well, great information…

  2. The hollywood numerology connection is undeniable, the word hollywood itself has a very deep and esoteric meaning.

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