Colossal Victory For The Awakening In A California Courtroom




It will do anyone well to read the information here being provided intently, all the way through, as it has the ability to vastly improve and even possibly save your life. This statement is not to lionize, or, celebrate myself; but to enumerate the importance of the meticulously researched intelligence. 

We the people, the real working class caring people, the 99.999% of us that do not seek to dominate the world, or destroy Mother Nature like the megalomaniacal so called elite, had a monumental victory this past Friday, August 10, 2018. On this day and the one that followed, the 11th, was also the solar eclipse, as if this was some galactic purge of sorts.

This is a tremendous blow in a fight that I surmise the vast majority of society does not even realize some of us are engaged in, although this is rapidly changing as it is becoming so obvious that something is very, very, wrong in this world.

The enormous chemical-kill conglomerate Monsanto whom has recently been acquired by the once Germany based company Bayer, was ordered to pay restitution in the form of 289 million dollars to Dewayne Lee Johnson for a guilty verdict rendered in a California courtroom on August 10, 2018. 

Why is this so important?

This trial and verdict may very well be the most recent catalyst necessary to bring light to some of the most consequential issues of our time, ones that are being deliberately hidden and their facts twisted within the main stream dying bought and paid for media. 

Issues such as vaccines, electromagnetic pollution from microwave technology such as cellular phones, Fukushima, weather control through HAARP, the truth about humanities origins etc, etc, etc. 

The truth about the world in which we live is not only almost impossible to believe, it is not even possible for most to even conceive.

Mr. Johnson was awarded 289 million dollars by this sensible jury whom all twelve agreed that is was this mans interaction with Round Up weed killer that has now resulted in eighty percent of his body being covered with cancerous lesions. This one product Round Up, is the same one that is more than likely in you or your neighbors garage. This is the same toxin that is ubiquitous in most all children’s breakfast cereals, wheat and grain products, cheap baked goods along with numerous other so called food material.

You may listen to the verdict~

Of course why would anyone feel that this concoction of chemicals-kills could be dangerous when commercials are run on national television depicting the casual spraying of it by people wearing shorts, smiling and  playing with their dogs, while dousing their entire living environment with it?

They obviously have never seen the insane workers whom use these products daily to spray down all of most peoples food supply wear full body space suits and gloves that are four inches thick, they look like something out of a space movie as they tend to the modified farms.

The jury not only found Monsanto guilty on all counts, they also confirmed they acted with malice because they know of the horrific dangers and fail to warn the public. It is being spoken that Mr. Johnson, the groundskeeper of a school in San Francisco where this toxic chemi-kill was used has only a few years of his life left.

What I wonder is what about all the children at the school, and all schools for that matter? What about all the golf courses that are entirely drenched in this poison? What about all the animals in these same areas and the pets of your neighbor whom is not properly informed using this noxious product?

Particularly when inexpensive non toxic plain white vinegar will produce precisely the same results in taking care of unwanted weeds.

And it does not stop there, Glyphosates are in the air and in our water, woking its way into our entire nutriment supply. In truth, it is becoming our food supply, purposefully, because it is still touted as being safe and perfect to feed the world with, not by nutritionists mind you, but by enormous chemical corporations masquerading as food and health companies.  

One more thing I will add here is that I am able, through the continuous study of profound research material and information, to greatly detail much of the science as to the effects of these chemicals on all life forms on this earth. Material from scientists and researchers that I have spoken with and that is contained in some of the most prestigious medical journals in the world, the ones that nobody reads other than a very few caring people evidently. Because nobody in their rightful informed mind would go near theses chemicals, much less eat them.

So of course I am no expert on the subject, but know intimately those who are, true experts, not television land actors, yet feel I am able to write about such things with at least some authority and understanding. 

The way these toxins work in a few words is that they explode the stomachs of that which ingests them, you know like irritable bowel syndrome. This is no syndrome how ridiculous, this is a process that occurs when something eats poison. Glyphosate’s are being used to replace a primary amino acid and neurotransmitter in our bodies called Glycine. Glycine is an initial powerful molecule required for healthy bodies, glyphosate’s are most definitely not. Glycine is necessary to build strong proteins, in which we humans are made up of in part. Those whom ingest these manufactured toxins, which is truly all of us by default, are being genetically altered and new, maligned distorted proteins are being created and becoming us.

One crucial point I will reveal here in this article is that glyphosate and its insidious properties are water soluble. This is an extremely important detail because human beings and animals included are predominately made up of water. Our bones, organs, tissue, cells, even the ventricles in our brains, everything is water. This means that these toxins travel continually throughout the entire body, not protected and stored in fat to be released when necessary as in natural nutrients. Also, it appears to me water soluble toxins find their way more easily into the precious intestinal walls where our good health is generated.

Why is this important?  Because the majority of our immune system is governed and even created by the health of our intestines, and the mucosal lining that surrounds them. This is the exact reason for all the stomach issues we witness and hear of today. Holes are being carved into these walls by chemical poisons. The allopathic system has another foolish name for this process and it is called leaky gut. Yes I wonder why, and this is simply the beginning of a much larger picture developing within the body and mind.  

Welcome to the dismal world of genetically modified organisms which a well informed second grader could understand how bad they are for us and yet, they are going to dominate our so called food supply if enough people do not realize this quickly enough.

Anyone is able to discover for themselves now some backgrounds on these two organizations Monsanto and Bayer that are endeavoring to take over the world. It is a history steeped in controversy and evil when one gets right down to it. Even if the majority of this damage being done is though ignorance or apathy of the facts, the results are the same. To remember Plato, “Ignorance is the root and stem of all evil.” 

Let us have a look at some of the things Monsanto is and has been involved with, without going into great detail in which I am able, for the sake of the length of the article though I will make just certain points that everyone ought to avail themselves of as the fate of the human family and everything on this earth depends on it. 

Monsanto is known to have commercialized and developed the abhorrent chemical phosgene, DDT, and agent orange in the Viet Nam war and apparently, was a large contributor to the Manhattan Project which produced the despicable atomic bombs that were dropped on Japan by the misleading psychopaths of the time. 

The City of Seattle sued this company for knowingly dumping cancer causing chemicals that should not be on this planet like dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), in the Cities drainage system which ended up directly in the Duwamish River.

As of a few years ago six other major municipalities have brought litigation against this company, and this is simply the ones I am aware of.

There has been reports of millions of bees dying after genetically modified crops being planted next to bee farmers, whether it was due to modified corn or Bayer’s insecticide chemicals called neonicotinoids, again the results are the same. Remember what Albert Einstein observed about the bees~”If honeybees become extinct, human society will follow in four years.”

Many are reporting an epidemic of farmers in India committing suicide due to Monsanto’s seed monopolies, royalty fees, and Bt inglorious technology that was initiated illegally there in 1997 which created an apparent debt trap that has, and is still devastating farmers. Monsanto was even sued in India’s Supreme Court.

From The Seeds Of Suicide,How Monsanto Destroys Agriculture~Patents on seed are illegitimate because putting a toxic gene into a plant cell is not “creating” or “inventing” a plant. These are seeds of deception — the deception that Monsanto is the creator of seeds and life; the deception that while Monsanto sues farmers and traps them in debt, it pretends to be working for farmers’ welfare, and the deception that GMOs feed the world. GMOs are failing to control pests and weeds, and have instead led to the emergence of super-pests and super-weeds.

What follows will be just a fraction of a very disturbing story about the company that just acquired Monsanto and that is the one of Bayer. Of course some numerology has to be intertwined in this news as well, such as Bayer paying what do you know, 63 billion dollars for this chemical/seed/pharmaceutical disorganization. 63 billion? That would be 6x6x6, probably simply another coincidence. 

Bayer is known to have originated also in Germany in 1860 and first trademarked their most popular product aspirin in 1863. Less known though is that they also were the first company to trademark heroin, thats right heroin. Who are the real drug dealers?

Around 1914 the company was headed by Carl Duesberg whom began to gather all the toxic waste and by-products from his chemicals-kill plants and use them to produce weapons for war such as the poisonous chlorine and mustard gas that was used on the French and British troops. Chemotherapy drugs are actually produced and derived from mustard gas, this is why it is yellow in color. Very similar story here to that of fluoride, or hydrofluosilicic acid, which is also toxic waste and by products of the despicable chemical industry, that is the public water supply and unnatural toothpaste. 

As if these are not bad enough in the 1980s Bayer produced a “drug,” or clotting agent labeled factor 8 intended for hemophiliacs, mysteriously though these drugs were somehow tainted with the HIV virus. Bayer was ordered to stop selling this drug here by our government so they went on to shipping it to Asia. Nobody was arrested, nobody went to prison, simply business as usual operating under their corporate protected name.

Bayer also produces these gems for all of your ailments, products like Esure, Cipro, Yaz, have a look into these and what they have done to people for some more eye opening information. 

Again this is simply a small piece of a much larger and truly unreal story and now these two organizations are merging? What must it be like to work with, and for, some of the most loathed companies in the world and pretend this isn’t all as bad as it seems? Why the aversion of the eyes?

How is it that the employees in the know at Monsanto eat their meals in a separate cafeteria that is genetically modified free, and foist this garbage on the rest of the unsuspecting public and still sleep at night?

The fact that chemical corporations now own more than a quarter of the entire worlds seed supply, produce “medicine,” and peddle known carcinogens such as Round Up, should be reason enough for people to begin to question the direction we are headed. One of Monsanto’s nonsensical slogans that looks very comforting to the untrained and naive eye is Food, Health, and Hope.

The hijacking of words and their meanings never stops. Genetically modified chemical products is not food, of course nothing they embody results in health, if it did hospitals would not be now on every corner, nutrition centers would, and then the loneliest word in the world, and the last wish of a dying many, hope. Remember hope and change? How has that worked out?

Our sincere condolences go out to this man, his family, and all lifeforms on this planet that are being, and will be affected by these preventable circumstances; perhaps some good will come of it now that the information is being forced into the mainstream.

It is time we reclaim the dominions of our own sovereign minds and refrain from being any further downloaded by entities that seek full spectrum dominance over everything on this earth.

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