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Gregorian Time

On Divine Timing and Existence Through Intention

All is thought and intention, so to is Divine Timing.

There are not such a thing as coincidences.

Only possibilities which manifest themselves from intentions through Divine Timing.  Things do not simply happen by chance no matter how it appears.  There is always an initiator, or prime mover.  Deja vu and these synchratic unions commonly known as coincidences are very special things to pay great attention to.  

What is interesting and very accurate is that the more conscious we become of the constructed density we currently find ourselves in, is the more frequently these seemingly random acts take place.  These unions of seemingly unrelated moments that produce a feeling of having being there before, or people who appear in our lives at the right time, come in waves.  Often even building upon one another, as so many are occurring that they begin to feel like the strongest of rides.  Whether it be the best day of surfing or ones  strongest performance in the gym, neither come remotely close to these other most awakened feelings.  

These sensations are almost to intense to describe as the term flying comes to mind, almost as if we have lost control of what occurs next.  These are the most sobering and miraculous of feelings, and what must be written here is that this awakening process of perpetual coincidences, begins with our Nutrition, as it builds or destroys our individual constitutions.

Constitutions that have the ability to create the atmosphere for higher thought processes, which is really other higher forms of thought coming together at the same time, as all molecules have an affinity for other molecules.  We should also here define, and share, that Nutrition comes in numerous forms aside from what we ingest through our mouths.  Your Nutrition is all that you let into your reality.  Everything from the propagandized information the masses are inundated with through screens, to the amount of cellular and wireless microwave frequencies you allow your body and mind to be tortured by.  All takes form of Nutrition; what we feed ourselves with. 

Of course it has already been written by Rumi, “that in which you seek, is also seeking you.”  The more Synchronicities we experience proves me that one is moving closer to source.  The source of everything, of all that there is and ever will be.  

Carl Jung writes of the unus mundus, or one world, and that coincidences are extremely deep interconnections between bodies and minds. 

Some see these occurrences seemingly as being acts of chance, while others know that these are our ascended angels, or angles, because all looks to be number and we ought pay more attention.  The uncountable Universes are lining up, and with much more rapidity now by which, or through which, there are numerous reasons.  This is the feeling many are experiencing now as we realize what we have been taught to be time, is speeding up.  

Time Is not speeding up, you are.  We all are, as we are nudged always in the worst of directions.  As in being ceaselessly misguided to the material world which means absolutely nothing yet is so disturbingly sought after.

What is also nudging us is that the two largest stars known, our Sun, and The Dog Star Sirius, are now moving closer together after being the furthest apart as we move out of the Age of Iron.  This is bringing about massive vibratory change as the energies are consolidating while moving together; Building.  We appear to be in the direct center of what Nostradamus and many others wrote about with the great bifurcation, or extreme division in knowledge that will befall all the world. 

There is no such thing as time, only what we have been wrongly taught, another system.  The eight hour work day and the modern clock are ancient Greco-Roman and perhaps even more ancient enslavement concoction.

The more true clock is in what used to be seen in the sky, past the now purposefully aerosolized clouds, and represented through the many stars.  The stars share with us part of our story because they affect the planets.  The planets are aligning and so too are we as the Human Family. 

The way we counteract this loss of perceived time is to slow down continually to see what is directly before us such as in other people or animals.  This slowing down actually speeds everything we are truly searching for, way up.  People do not come into our lives by any form of chance, they are strategically placed there.  Placed by intentions through an incalculable number of choices made by the conscious actions of so many others.  

Think of the amount of even the smallest of decisions we make simply daily, that would have had to occur, to be where you are and with whom you are in front of at any given, or more certain moments.

This number would certainly be incalculable as we are known to have millions upon millions of thoughts daily, and these thoughts take us where we go.

This is Divine Timing, or Synchronicity.

All of the good in this, and other worlds is coming together now much quicker through magnetism and frequencies.  As we remember the two most powerful seen forces in this multi-verse approaching each other, as with the known Sun and other larger one, Sirius.  This is what minerals and vibrations do, attract to each other; and we are in part both of these, mineral and vibration, so are the Suns. 

Of course the same can be said of all of the bad in the world coming together, as we have all have heard the Truth that misery loves company adage. 

Every single thought we have has the ability to greatly change the course of our lives we are now experiencing.  Thoughts that create and have moved mountains.  Great researchers have exclaimed that the average human being is only utilizing 10% of their brains and under 3% of their magical DNA.  It is also closely estimated that the average human being is only able to perceive .5% of all that exists around us.  Could we truly be missing the other 99.5% of all that is taking place?

It appears there are exactly an infinite number of things drawing breath, taking form all around us constantly; and yet we continue to only see this topical third dimensional phony manufactured reality.  We have found much solace the more we escape this artificial realm being constructed for us, endeavoring only to create our own.

It is up to each one of us as members of this Human Family to elevate all that surrounds and to carry out our most crucial task of being in service to the world in which we are taking from, being True stewards of this earth.  The countless choices we make on a daily basis make us who we are.  We each individually decide whether we are going to be a good person or not by each and every decision we make, and with whom we choose to surround our selves with, or of course listen to.

We the people are the answer, and taking a strong look internally is simply the beginning, as we must take action to surpass our shortcomings which will then permeate throughout, producing a profoundly positive effect on all sentient beings.

Even thoughts you have appear to affect the entire world.

Divine timing was put into motion by those before us, and it will be wise when we heed all the signs such as these special people that are being placed into our lives.  We, all of us, are coming into a fold; the Galactic fold.  As Sir Walter Russell knows, we are actually refolding and moving closer to source as we remember that all elements have an affinity for other elements.  We the people and all living things, are these elements.

Not one likes to be corrected and yet this is what life offers us continually, and one of the greatest lessons that has been demonstrated is to pay kind respect to all that comes into our life, to that which is right before us, because it was universally designed that way.

A force of unparalleled magnitude has brought us together, and this is the force that will in fact prevail.

Imagine now this, in a room of pitch darkness anyone can see even a spec of light, and yet this cannot be the other way.  In a room of complete light there is no darkness visible as it is consumed through a vacuum of illumination.

Be the light, while surrounding yourself with light because this is what you were created for, through, Divine Timing.

All that exists, is Intent.


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