Exploding Electric and Self Operating Cars That Also Drive Off Of Cliffs

Actor Exclaims Her Husbands Tesla Model S Spontaneously Combusted, or, Blew Up.

Electric self driving cars that blow up and drive off of highways is the future everyone seems to be clamoring for, well not all of us.  Not the ones that are highly aware of the problems associated with such “progress.”

We first wrote about a litany of reports we were reading stating much of the same back in 2014, and of course everyone we mention this to thinks it is not that large of an issue.  Ig nor ance, to ignore, is not bliss as it is often said.  Bliss is bliss, and knowing is far superior to the alternative because it is all we have left. 

“Thank God our girls weren’t in the car,” she purportedly stated.

Below is a link describing the ordeal. 


What a shame it is for such a good mans name with Nikola Tesla being now associated with cars that are bursting into flames for no apparent reason, and numerous of the self driving ones launching its passengers off of cliffs or into concrete barricades.  Of course it was Nikola Tesla whom was teaching the misleaders of his time how to harness electricity from the air to bring the entire world free energy, and for these colossal efforts he died penniless with all his work stolen from his laboratory.

Investors such as J.P. Morgan chose the side of Thomas Edison because they could make more money and have more control of course, exactly unlike Mr. Tesla whom will be remembered forever as a true champion for humanity.

Nikola Tesla was known not to use batteries either like the electric cars being produced today, so this is not his technology that we are witnessing, simply his name behind it. 

Surely all the car companies producing this so called progressive technology are working on the issues and are not deliberately causing harm but what is the point of electric self driving cars anyhow?  Is it to have less humans driving so they can stare at more screens which are in turn burning out the DHA in their eyes, to get more “work” done to buy more things we don’t need, all to support the illusory system?

Maybe someone can elaborate on a more coherent point than the fallacy that they save energy and do not pollute the planet which is what the propagandist wish us all to fall for.  

What does one feel charges, or powers the little socket that they plug the cord into at the tiny parking space at Whole Foods?  Some little fairy under there?  No, that would be more coal, nuclear, or gasoline fired power plants, we just don’t see it there.  So simply because the little electric tin car does not produce emissions from their tailpipes, the power plant smokestacks that are forced to now produce more electrical power for the increased demand for electricity, certainly does.




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“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will detest those that speak it.”

George Orwell
















  1. I have read that if there is an EMP strike all of these electric cars will immediately blow up. Do you have any information regarding this? Very interesting article.

  2. Hopefully this does not tarnish Nikola Tesla’s name because as you wrote it is not his technology, he did not utilize batteries to generate power.

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