Halloweens Truer Origins: A Deeper Look Into An 8 Billion Dollar A Year Fiendish Industry

The information to follow however difficult to accept, when read and expounded upon thoroughly through an even deeper investigation of the material, has the ability to bring the readers a great deal of insight into some of the most intriguing knowledge of their lifetime.

Halloween is not what you know it to be.  Nor is any of the other commercialized and promulgated so called holidays for that matter.  Even a shallow definition of the word holiday or “holy” day, translates to a joyous or festive time; A period of relaxation.

Even within this brief message about such a deep and complex subject, one will be sure to find that nothing about this occasion we know as halloween fits any of these descriptions or definitions.

There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way to death.

Proverbs 14:12

What needs to be made perfectly clear here is that this information is only known, and even less understood by a minuscule amount of people.  What you are reading now and are becoming privy to is extremely powerful intelligence that has the potentiality to forever change lives for the better and has not a thing to do with the writer and that is not my meaning.

This information although hidden in plain view, has been kept very secret.  It has been kept very secret by the churches and the corporate owned preachers, by the so called educational institutions, and even by those we have entrusted to protect our society, and all for their good reasonings.  More of these necessary truths though are now coming to light however very slowly it may seem.  As more of us begin to challenge what we think we already know, as we begin to open more of our great minds to the possibilities that everything we thought we knew may be in fact incorrect, and when we as a collective awareness delve further into, and share this type of information with others, when enough see it, the entire phony and fraudulent enslavement system we are living in will in fact collapse.

See they must keep this nonsense going, so as to protect their vapid ways of life, appeasing and doing the biddings for their masters and green paper.


We, and more than likely you, are not one of them so please do continue to read and spread the information as it is necessary for the continuance of the human family.

I will begin with a quotation that is very fitting for the following message and it was written by one of the greatest names in the Stoic School, Senator, and famed orator of Rome, one of the first latin moralists, tutor to Nero, and certainly much more, Lucius Annaeus Seneca; in his treatise on The Happy Life.  

There is more wisdom when properly comprehended in this one sentence than many souls will come to know in a lifetime.

“The very fact of the approbation of the multitude is a proof of the badness of the opinion or practice.. Let us ask what is best, not what is most customary; what may place us firmly in the possession of an everlasting felicity, not what has received the approbation of the vulgar—the worst interpreter of the truth.”


This was his warning (so unheeded) against implicit confidence in authority and tradition cannot be to often repeated, writes Howard Williams M.A.,1883.


Let us, you and I and everyone we know, ask what is best, not what is most customary.  Simply because the masses participate in these events does not make them right, particularly with this one being so obviously vile in its nature.  The entire world blindly following what everyone else is doing without even an inkling as to what the underpinnings of these “celebrations” have been built upon.  Where do these practices and “holidays” come from, what did they most truly originate out of and what have they now manifested into?


What we now thoughtlessly call halloween was once known as Samhain.  Pronounced, Sow En.  It was a three day period of a fire festival beginning on October 29th and lasting through the 31st at time of year where daylight is ending, and the darkness, or winter is beginning.  It is even less known as a time where the veil to the afterlife, or spirit world was the most thin.  A time when dead souls can reappear into the livings, realm.  Now this may seem a bit outlandish and even completely absurd to some, and this of course would be a common response by someone whom has little, if any, investigated the matter.  

In actuality, it does not matter if you believe or know it or not.  What does matter is, they believed it, and it is affecting the entire world, and all of its inhabitants on every single level from the spiritual to the physical as you will surely realize when you continue to read.

In fact, those before us much like those today, believed in these dates and times of years so much that enormous monuments were, and still are presently being erected in observance of them, such as with Stonehenge.

There are hundreds of these clusters of monuments just in this one area alone, and they are all over the world.

In around 900 B.C. in the area of Gaul, which is the present day British Isles there was a fierce group of warrior class people known as the Celts.  The Celts even as nomads were so powerful they were said to have held off entire Roman Legions on more than a few occasions.  They were known to be all powerful from about 900 b.c. to 900 a.d.  All powerful in battle as well as in controlling the people in every way, such as needing approvals for every aspect of their lives.  Marriages, holding titles, attending ceremonies, all controlled by the higher councils.  Sounds like today does it not? As we also are told we have to be licentious for seemingly every thing we do.

The Celts named their Lord of the dead, Samhain, or Sow En, which actually appears to also be Nimrod which was prior to these times.  During these nights of the Samhain fire festivals the Celts and their high priests known as the Druids would gather at the megalithic monuments such as Stonehenge.  These monuments although not entirely understood today appear to have served as temple complexes, Astrological observatories, and as vile as it is, a place for human and animal sacrifice.  

Archeologists have discovered over 4,000 human skeletons from Stonehenge, most evidently women as the link to the article below details.



As the fire festival now known as Halloween was commencing around these monuments the high priests, or Druids, would go out about the countryside and pay visits to the castles and mansions of the lands, it is written they were seeking royalty, the earls, and the dukes.  This is where we get our now infamous “trick or treat.”  Because this is what many books describe as being espoused by the high priests as they approached these dwellings.  

If the lord of the manor cooperated with the priests they would give up someone in their own household, typically one of their servants, even someone within their own family such as the youngest daughter and release them from the home to be used in a human sacrifice.  Upon cooperating the druids would leave a “treat” to the household.

The however unreal treat, was a hollowed out pumpkin or turnip filled with human fat which was then lit in an effort to keep away the dead from this particular home for being so complicit and surrendering a hostage.

This is of course representative of the modern day jac o lantern.

Numerous scholars of what would be closer to our true histories suggest that when the homes were uncooperative and did not relinquish someone to be sacrificed, a hexagram was drawn in blood on the door or gate of the home which then brought the “trick.”  Meaning someone would die.

Researchers account that while the priests and high officiating druids were away kidnapping and terrorizing the countryside, those back at the areas where the fire festivals were beginning were lighting enormous cauldrons filled with liquid and compiling as much wicker as possible to make cages that were to hold the condemned prisoners that would be returning to be sacrificed.  They had also been busy constructing a giant effigy, or likeness of a man made from this same material, wicker.  Inside of the man would be the wicker cages where 12 humans or animals would be held right before it was lit on fire.

There was apparently only one way out, as we remember the large cauldrons full of boiling liquid.  The way to escape for the humans that were put into this horrid position was to immerse their heads into these cauldrons and guess what?

Bob for an apple.

The boiling temperature for liquid is 212 degrees fahrenheit which would leave even the few that did complete this gruesome task completely deformed and often blind, deaf and speechless.  Those that did not attempt were immediately executed or put into the wicker man to burn alive.

You know like the movie, the wicker man.

Of course this has been covered up and not discussed, even by those seeking any semblance of truth as the information is very difficult to obtain as well as digest even for oneself, much less being able to share it with others.  A large part of the disappearing accounts of what presumably occurred at this time is due to the highest officials of these times did what they still do today.  They co-opt the group and turn it into what will prove useful to themselves because people will forget over time what the nature of the thing used to be.

Remember though the true essence of the energy will still be there.

At this time it was Pope Gregory III.  He challenged these “pagans,” as if he himself could not be one, and is known to have simply changed the name of this time period from Samhain, to all Saints Day.  Who is he, or anyone else who gets to define who is or is not a pagan?

So one might say today, well that was then and this is now, this is not an evil time to me.  Really?

“After ones own birthday, the two satanic holidays are walpurgisnacht and halloween.”

~Anton La Vey

The Satanic Bible

I of course fully realize this is not what any parent that just went out and spent money on a bloody zombie costume bolstering the said 8 billion dollar a year Satanic industry, or that is going to a seemingly innocent party amongst friends wants to read.  Yet if we do not speak about these things then who will?  Does anyone feel the world is becoming a better place to raise our children in the more we cover things up, or once are made aware pretending they don’t exist?

So in summary.

The Celts lord of the dead was named Samhain which was later changed to all saints day and then Halloween. Bobbing for apples is akin to live human beings faces being scalded off and much worse.  The trick is synonymous with murder, and the treat is to give up a loved one to be sacrificed.  We have Anton La Vey whom many deem as the most evil person that has ever lived asserting that halloween is the top satanic holiday.  Pumpkins we now see on doorsteps were once filled with human fat and lit on fire.

Some holiday.

 And lastly for brevity, we have the current condition of the human family as depicted below acting in such a repugnant ways it pains me to view and post such images.

Absolutely possessed and complete lunacy to even consider being associated with this madness.

Only dead fish go with the flow as it takes strength and leadership to set oneself apart from the mob.

Unless and until the human family realizes whom and what we are now following and breathing more life into simply by our seemingly innocent participation, we will never know peace and harmony.  In fact, we will live if at all, in the furthest thing from it.  Just because you may not see or feel it as yet, nobody will be spared the consequences of pretending this dark energy does not exist and growing through these “holidays.”

Rise up and get to knowing, stay abreast and in constant support of those that are doing the work that others refuse to do.

Peace to all those seeking the same.

In excellent health,






The article is not an attack on any group of people, Celts, druids or otherwise.  History shows us that it is typically smaller factions of criminal elements of certain groups that are carrying out these evil deeds.  I do not profess to be any type of expert on Irish or Celtic History, although I will be speaking with one very soon and looking forward to being edified much further as to an even more clear view as to what occurred during this time period.



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  1. Great read! Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day all so full of disturbing history. You are referencing that the Celts leaders were the Druidic priests correct and they were the ones that procured the captives?

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