Hilarious fake news: Weather Channel reporter fakes hurricane-force winds while two guys casually stroll down the street behind him, wearing shorts

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Of course it would be somewhat funny if the effects of watching this nonsense on the home invader also known as television were not so serious. 

Remembering, the vast majority of our population believes, here is that ever present word again, that this is a weather news outlet, and resource for accurate information. Not much could be further from the truth.

Most are simply unaware that this program, Is actually being foisted upon them by entities that endeavor to instill fear and agitation in, and throughout our population through “the greatest scientific indoctrination tool ever devised”, the tel lie vision. Nothing, is able to grow and regenerate itself while being in a fearful or anxious ridden state. And I will go one further with these measured words and call this type of chicanery a plague on the human family. Good unsuspecting people of this world, giving up what we know to be precious time by paying attention to this nonsense, all being bamboozled and harangued at the deepest of levels. 

A few things for the readers to consider that Mr. Adams did not touch on although I am fairly certain he knows them as well.

The entire world is a stage, will always do us well to remember. 

Several years ago now, around 2007, and then many times after the co-founder of the weather channel John Coleman posited that climate change is “the greatest scam in history, and a politically motivated hoax.” One could also easily add to the list of greatest scams in history vaccines, mainstream religion, fluoride being good for our teeth, genetically modified so called foods, textbook history, allopathic medicine, cellular phones being safe, fiat currency, polio being caused by bacteria and vaccines eradicated it, etc, etc, etc, however now we will stay on the topic of weather. 

Before it was called climate change, it was termed global warming, and before global warming it was global cooling for many years. However, global warming does not work to benefit the pockets of known liars when the earth is actually cooling and the money hustle known as carbon credits is based on the warming farce. So the misleaders finally figured out that climate change was the best description because now see they can go both ways, whatever fits the current political agenda which is entrenched in green genetically modified paper backed by absolutely nothing, and control. 

What Mr. Coleman knew, and many others know is that the climate is in fact changing, its just not for the reasons we are told by the entertainment agitation industry, that sadly most think is news. 

I wonder if the climate is changing due to the fact that literal metric tons of aluminum and barium nano particles are being injected into our upper atmosphere also known as the ionosphere, for weather modification and to steer storms? 


Chemtrails, and “geo-engineering” was denied for decades until recently. Now we are told that this abhorrent cloud seeding is for our safety of course, to protect us from the magnificent light of the sun. Here is an idea, since everyone cares so much, why not put fluoride, since it is so good for our teeth, in all the candy and soda along with the toothpaste?

In case one feels my words are not accurate and are used for effect by referring to these mainstream outlets as entertainment, let us all have a quick look at what company recently purchased this network of jesters known as the weather channel.


Thats right, a so called entertainment company.


An apparent comedians company, wow that is so funny! I wonder how many people are aware of this.

The entire world is a stage. The games are up though and this is very evident to anyone paying attention. Collapsing are the ratings and diminishing public trust for anything that comes from mainstream media, all while being exposed like the hucksters they are. 

Everyone may also recall those National Geographic images being used as deceptive propaganda with the recurring images of the lonely polar bear with no place to stand with all the ice crashing into the ocean. What the opportunists such as Al Gore and all the networks that use this powerful imagery fail to mention was that the filming of the ice melting was done in the summertime, and that the polar ice caps melt like this every year during this period. 

Notice in the real.video below the actor pretending to be a weatherman is not even intelligent enough to brace himself the correct way as he is of course in the wrong position and with the wind, instead of the correct way to fool people which would be to lean into it as Mr. Adams also points out. Notice also the two fellows just nonchalantly walking by about 15 yards away from him, and his staged area.

Or how about the cartoon news network also known as CNN, with their coverage of another one of the perpetual wars we are always in, such as the one in Baghdad. As funny as it may seem to some, remember that countless precious lives are being lost and irrevocable damage is being exacted on another country and for not one coherent reason that was not another lie, at the exact time of this despicable broadcast.

And this is the way what looks to be somewhat like adult men are conducting themselves?

Minds are being polluted and souls are being stolen with toxicity such as this. Of course poison comes in many forms, and one of the most vile is the monster in the living room.


Hilarious fake news: Weather Channel reporter fakes hurricane-force winds while two guys casually stroll down the street behind him, wearing shorts

By Mike Adams

Saturday, September 15, 2018


(Natural News) The internet is abuzz with the hilarious discovery of a Weather Channel reporter caught faking like he’s barely able to stand in hurricane-force winds while two guys casually stroll down the street behind him.

Hilariously, he’s leaning in the wrong direction, since the correct maneuver is to lean into the wind. As you can see in the laugh-out-loud video below, he’s actually leaning away from the wind while faking like he’s barely able to stand. This is yet more proof that many so-called journalists are actually just “crisis actors” who use TV broadcasts to carry out elaborate hoaxes and staged crisis events.

An on-screen number shows the wind is actually just 29 mph where this reporter is located, which explains why other people are able to easily walk around in shorts.

See the full video at this REAL.video link, where it won’t be banned:


The Weather Channel is the same fake news network that repeatedly claims hurricanes are caused by man-made “climate change,” insisting that the world never saw hurricanes before humans started burning fossil fuels.

Not only is the Weather Channel fake news; it’s also fake science. Now, we have video proof that the so-called “weather reporters” are really just hilarious hoax actors who pretend to create a crisis scene where none exists.

REAL.video users are having a field day with the hilarity. A user channel named Rainbow Rising has posted a parody of the Weather Channel, where a man hilariously claiming to be barely surviving a vicious storm while his hand manually shakes a palm tree to simulate hurricane-force winds.

See that video at:



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