Natural Disasters Or Manufactured Mayhem?





Hurricane Gaston 8/29/2004

Hurricane Katrina~ 8/29/2005
Hurricane Gustav~ 8/29/2008

                        Hurricane Isaac ~8/29/2012    All = Impossible without intention 
Hurricane Harvey ~8/29/2017

Hurricane ? 8/29/?



Perhaps these troubling dates are not simply another set of incalculable numerological coincidences in our sordid history.

 Just maybe, not a thing occurs in this reality some of us are experiencing that is not itself contrived and brought into existence.  Total domination of Mother Nature is the agenda for the psychopathic entities that are sadly in control of many of our futures and well beings, and this includes the weather.

Especially the weather.  

Who wouldn’t want to control the weather?  Why is this such a tremendous stretch for people to accept?   As Albert Einstein warned, “Condemnation without investigation is the epitome of ignorance.”

“We shall propose further cooperative efforts between all nations in weather prediction and eventually weather control.” ~John F. Kennedy

Spoken in 1961 at the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Because this appears exactly to be the now accepted mission of the erroneous and dangerous science being taught to the masses– To dominate Mother Nature and extract her secrets from her by any and all means with absolutely no regard to the consequences. 

[nature will be] bound into service, hounded in her wanderings and put on the rack and tortured for her secrets.”

~Francis Bacon

Sir Francis Bacon lived in the mid 1,500’s, and it is less known that he may have rewritten much of the Bible at the behest of King James, you know his version of  this Astrological Treatise. So over 475 years ago he was sharing with you and I about these deranged intentions and what the repercussions from those schemes will bring to bear.


Of course domination of absolutely everything, seen and even unseen, has proceeded to get much worse.  It is painful to know that we have not witnessed anything yet.  What is in store, is exactly unfathomable to even contemplate most days.  

Such as the monstrosity that is 5G cellular technology, this will prove total control of all minds and living  matter.  Our environment will become even more unbearable to all forms of life, including trees and plants, precisely where we derive our oxygen from; it already is to those paying close enough attention.

That is until enough of us reclaim dominion over our own minds where we realize what the nefarious agendas are, and what the stated and written goals of the so called elite themselves entail.  Because it is an unyielding fact, that our silence, is our consent.  Things will quickly change when the good people of this world pull their heads from the television sets and begin to read and communicate with properly informed human beings, as opposed to being programmed from the phony “news” reading actors.

There most certainly are still good people in this world that want a future for their loved ones and those that should come after.

The masses simply do not see what we see as yet, seemingly to paralyzed by the constant fear and states of angst most people are perpetually kept in.  Due mostly to Everything the televisions spew out minute by minute, and all the fake and completely false information most people are inundated with.

Weather Control and Manipulation~ or in Orweillian language, Geo-engineering, because it sounds nice.

The map makers of this now decaying society have already admitted to “geo-engineering” the atmosphere.  Although this term geo-engineering ought never be used, especially in this context.  Engineering something implies caution and even regard for safety, and even perhaps morality has been attributed to the task.   And of course chemical-trails, or aerosols, which charge the atmosphere with toxic poisons that will affect absolutely all life on this planet, does neither of these things.
“The vitality and viability of human existence and life on this planet, as it has been known to exist, is under threat.”
 ~Clifford E. Carnicom
Charged atmospheres apparently increase the intensities of storms which is exactly what we are now witnessing.  
Every single storm progressively getting more intense, as these unscrupulous and demented controllers of this planet work to cool the earth from their own dastardly deeds; as in the poisoning of our skies and every last bit of life on this planet.  Artificially heat it up, and then artificially cool it down.  This is evidently creating massive storms, earthquakes, wild fires, super-volcanoes, enormous hurricanes, solar flares and the like, being done apparently with absolutely no regard for the destruction this causes. 
This is what the true experts, thoughtful individuals and groups that are here now endeavoring to share with us before it is to late, and maybe it already is.  They are professing in extremely detailed profound scientific language, that although the earth may in fact be heating up, it has nothing to do with co2, or the carbon footprint farce, and everything to do with the spraying of our skies with metallic nano-particles and other abhorrent materials under the guise of protecting us from the Sun.
The sun, the life giver, the very reason and way we exist and are able to thrive.  
We do not need protection from the Sun in fact.  We need protection from the vampiric intentions of the evil that has infected the collective consciousness. 
From vampires.
As whatever it is that has this type of complete disregard for life must not even be human.  Although there are of course, the honor-less, which are “just doing their jobs,” those that know and continue to serve any system no matter how foul or vile.
In most cases though I surmise, it is misinformed humans that are doing the bidding for these malevolent entities that are wreaking havoc on this planet.  Useful Idiots is the term Vladimir Lenin used to describe communist sympathizers which is very fitting here.  These people sadly end up as the primary apparatus for the growth of many terrible and tyrannical agendas.
They are being used, and then they will be discarded, in every sense of the word.
Why?  Well as the probable Pythagorean passage explains in Aristotle’s Man In The Universe, “Good is simple, and evil manifold.”
 Below is some mainstream real information that has been circulating some of it for over 30 years.  You might ask yourself why you have never seen or heard of such things.
Esteemed readers, know also, when weather modification becomes even more mainstream, such as when it comes out of the television sets as it becomes even more blatantly obvious and cannot be denied any longer, it will just be packaged up real nice and sold to you as being somehow good for us.  It already is in fact, and doing this “engineering” to protect us from the sun is only part of the ploy.  
All about keeping and making us safe, you remember that ruse don’t you?
Air, soil, and water samples are being researched all across the globe by the good people of this world whom are working feverishly so that we may have a future, any future.  The following is what is being found in the examples. 
Metallic salts, Filaments/Fibers~ Morgellons? and “Engineered” Biologicals.  These pollutants should not be in the air, they are not found nor do they occur like this in Nature.
Anyone may find much deeper scientific data on numerous websites such as within the links embedded above, podcasts, and in very telling books that were published long before even President Kennedy spoke about weather control in 1961.  Such as that Dane Wigginton writes about, The Cirrus Project in 1947.  You may find more information about that Here.
Although I could write much on the empirical data that I have learned and the implications that these actions will have on the human family and planet, I am in no way an expert on this.  I do not have to be.  We just need to know who the real ones are and possess the abilities to comprehend what they are working tirelessly to share with us.
No, this article is more to illuminate the nearly unfathomable fact that evil in all its vile forms is in control of our realities, and maybe always has been.  If it wasn’t, everyone would already know what I just wrote, remembering since it has been known since 1947 at least, and that is only considering this century.
This type of consequential information, controversial information that is, should be made widely available and come streaming out of the house size television screens that many seem so infatuated with.  Yet it is not, in plain fact, it is hidden.
This being known, we also know beyond any doubt whatsoever, that all the good in this world and perhaps others ones as well, is Rising.  Those that blindly serve and promote this Babylonian system that is being foisted upon us will be soon forced to choose a side.  Whatever it is that is in control knows that not many will choose evil, as they must be tricked and fooled into it. The Human Family is the last line of defense.  I implore each and every one of you deep in these words to truly understand that you are the answer, yet you must have the correct information and courage to challenge what you think you already know.
Our own Programming.
Something that is also as obvious to some of us as the psychopathic behavior that is on full display, is the esoteric numerology intertwined with all of our seemingly endless tribulations that we are enduring as a people.  Have a look below and take into consideration this is simply one news cycle pertaining to one subject, from numerous sources over the course of just a few days.
The master number 33.
I could continue on with this Ad infinitum however we have to stop somewhere.
HH as in Hurricane Harvey, Hail Hitler and Hope Hicks etc, is also just as prominent in all the fake news cycles as well. I have written extensively about this code also and will be speaking about this material in our next radio interview.



  1. Very interesting and the sources within the article such as Dane’s research documents are right on. Will most sure bookmark this site, thank you so much for your efforts, cheers!

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