Our Primary Glands That Are Being Crippled By Household Products



On Primary Glands

The glands of our endocrine systems do not only regulate, or govern the quality of our bodily functions which is often mentioned with the subject, but the glands in truth create us and our qualities.  The endocrine system generates our moods, are responsible for our growth developments, and also it is the foundation of our well beings and metabolisms which results in the proper, or improper functioning of our bodily tissues.

Once knowing these necessary glands actually build who we are, and what we are undoubtably able to become, why would anyone continue to use unnecessary chemical based products that not only disrupt the endocrine system, hence the name endocrine disrupters, but yet destroy and alter these natural endocrine structural processes?

Those that utilize these spurious chemically rife products become a product of them.  People become that which they are around on many, many levels. 

Plastic derivatives and estrogen mimicking compounds such as Phthalates, which is exactly what is found in most all commercialized, as in on the tele-screens, laundry soaps and other household thought to be cleaners are not the only option, even though this is all that is widely promoted. 

The original cleaners, soaps, and disinfectants were all plant based.  Much like potassium which was derived from plant ash.  And the number one disinfectant, is the Sun.  Some of us, all we have ever known is plant based soaps, toothpastes, deodorants, insect repellants and laundry detergents. 

How mature does someone need to be in the mind to realize that an array of chemicals in a plastic bottle are not air “fresheners” at all.  Those using these types of products are in fact poisoning their olfactory organs and tissues in their own noses, not freshening the air.  Just because these tissues are certainly paralyzed does not mean the smell does not remain.

However, there has always been available organic extracts, and essential fruit and flower oils used for this purpose that will enhance our bodies as opposed to toxifying it.

What all ought to be privy to is that estrogen and its primary components are stress hormones.  Plainly, when these chemical based products are used one of the dire consequences will be elevated stress levels because these chemicals mimic, or perform like estrogen once inside the body and mind.  And just one of the ways that these manufactured chemical materials get inside the body is through the way we were created to gain immunity, through our nasal passages, or noses.  This delicate process actually originates as the fetus passes through the birth canal of the mother, of course now in the “progressive” age, cesarean sections seeme to be more common of course.  So in turn the infant misses this necessary opportunity to bolster their individual constitution or health.

This of course leads to more ill children which as they grow up also end up drowning in this  toxic chemical soup inside their own homes. 

People have said that they can smell the type of laundry detergent their neighbors use.  Neighbors that were several homes away.  Couple this with the disappearing oxygen levels, particularly in the cities, and these chemicals even have more of a deleterious effect on us.

I encourage the astute reader to read and notice the ingredient list on the most popular brands of detergents, soaps and cleaners.  If you are able to pronounce any word at all that is.  All these manufactured chemicals are extremely foreign to the body.

Research has shown that even low levels of BPA and phthalates cause problems in humans — including obesity, said Robert H. Lustig, M.D., of the University of California San Francisco

The molecular structures of these chemicals that comprise these fake products look like estrogen on paper and the effects are quite obvious as we look about our surroundings.  (BPA) Bisphenol-A, and around one thousand other closely related chemical compounds derived from the residue of plastics that are being used in virtually everything, are masculinizing the women, and feminizing what used to be our men. 


“BPA mimics estrogen, while Phthalates block testosterone action.”

~Hugh S. Taylor M.D., Yale University

These noxious plastic derived compounds target testosterone and compete at the cellular level for a place on our natural estrogenic receptor sites.  Gynocomastia, more commonly known as men with tits, would be a small worry compared to the other havoc being created inside the body.

One of the effects on the feminine would be that the body will think it is pregnant and will prepare as such by storing unnecessary fat and water.  This is partly the reason why women gain weight during their pregnancies.  Again, estrogen is a stress hormone.  Imagine a body that is constantly under duress because it is subjected to now artificial estrogen, every day, due to the House Of Chemicals.  The body just may think it is pregnant forever, at least throughout the duration these chemicals are used which seems to be for decades now by some. 

Know also the residue from the plastics once in our tissues does not easily dissipate, or go away, especially when more chemical toxins are being added to the divine composition of the human body and mind.  Also the more unnecessary fat one carries is the more they will be affected, because it is well known that toxins accumulate in fatty tissue.

The bodies primary response to these concocted chemicals will be the root cause of every ailment, that is inflammation. 

The Simple Solutions.

Of course the most simple solution would be to immediately remove plastics from ones life.  Everything from however unthinkable, such as plastic cooking utensils that even get heated up which leeches more plastic resins into the food material, to the infant “toys” that they suck and chew on, basically nursing on estrogen sticks.  Most all lotions, shower curtains, household products, and insecticides all contain these gender bending chemical elements. 

The ones that do not are plant based in Nature.  Plant based extracts produce non toxic cleansers, or alkalizers that are not harmful to humans and animals.  

Through numerous modalities the human family has forgotten what has always performed best and that is Nature.  We now live in a world where I notice that real lemon juice is the primary ingredient in furniture polish and artificial lemon flavoring is used in so called lemonade. 

Plant based everything, including cleaners and soaps were here on this planet long before enormous chemical corporations adulterated and poisoned all that we see on the grocery store shelves.  That is if one is even able to walk down the isles that contain these products without sneezing or coughing.  

Notice though how the natural sections are all growing the quickest.  This is due to the shift in consciousness the world is experiencing as more and more are realizing that natural products are far superior in every respect and that the abhorrent chemicals are causing humanity massive problems. 

Everyone reading these words and others like them have incredible abilities to affect the massive change necessary for the human family to once again thrive. 

We have much work to do, may we not squander our essential purposes.  To echo the Great Manly Palmer Hall, “Time is not for wasting.”

Our optimal health video series will be online shortly.

Thank you for reading.



“When survival is threatened by seemingly insurmountable problems a species will either die or become extinct, or rise above their limitations by an evolutionary leap.  This is the state of  humanity now, and this is his challenge. “

~Eckhart Tolle











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