Recent Class Focus Points

Most recent past topics of discussion have been as follows.

<How human potential, health, and energy, are a direct positive result of voltage, not protein

<Precisely why highly venerated individuals are surrounded by special forces in Nature

<Why each of us ought to concern ourselves much more with light and not food

<Ancient methodologies to removing obstructions of our energetic pathways

<Exactly why raw living foods are far superior to that of cooked foods

<Why the words you speak or listen to create your biological ascension or demise

<Sacred science regarding the alchemical process within awakening individuals 

<How to rapidly regain dominion over our own minds and imaginations, and why this is so crucial for the elevation and evolution of sentient beings

<Secret ancient knowledge embodying the sacred fluid within known as cerebrospinal fluid, and how to keep it clean and pure

<How it is not improbable, but impossible, to ascend alchemically to something greater on a dead animal flesh dietary revealed in some the most “holy” literature in the world 

<Why the most illumined minds that have ever walked mother earth were vegetarians or on a plant based diet or in rapid pursuit of the knowledge

<How and why the Paleo community is promoting an acid forming violence based diet

<How the secrets to vitality reside in the inner standing of simply  how one cell operates

<Particularly why berries, fruits, and melons are the most pristine forms of food for every single one of us

<What all the greatest of philosophers, astrologers, stoics, and healers of all time, had in common

<How our astrological birth signs and date of birth has everything to do with the life we lead and our individual health and longevity

<Why genuine laughter and imagination are the most pure and natural embodiments to your vibrance

<How the mainstream of information commonly known as television keeps you in a constant state of fear, or survival mode, where any growth whatsoever is impossible, and why this is demonstrably easy to prove

<How the human species are frugivorous by nature but have morphed into herbivores, omnivores, and have been misled to think that there is anything about us that requires dead animal flesh for sustenance 

<That the massive amounts of information we are inundated with is not intelligence, and that intelligence is not knowledge, and how wisdom is even further separated 

<Why your thoughts change the biochemistry in your body and how the power we need to restore, or invigorate ourselves, resides within us, as does the Kingdom of Heaven

<How the mainstream medium for information is keeping people in a manufactured third dimensional phony reality, as the breakaway civilization has been moving into the fourth and fifth while acquiring super awareness now for decades.

Thank you all again and we look forward to seeing the same group again and some newer faces as well.

Arete Everyone!  


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‘Wonder is the beginning of wisdom’


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