The Elemental Elements For All Life

Humbly written by Jessop 


On The Elemental Elements For All Forms Of Life

An overview of an enormous subject, one of the largest as I comprehend it indeed.  Leaving aside for these moments the far more important and obviously connected spiritual level which is even more difficult to understand, much less endeavor to explain.

There are three, irrefutably known primary, or absolutely necessary elements for every living organism that is known in this three dimensional reality we are presently living in.  I feel as of some time ago now though, that we are actually moving into the fourth, and possibly even fifth dimension, although not many at all seem to be experiencing it.

There are truly four of these substances, however Nitrogen will be omitted other than a few points from this particular essays’s material.  Nitrogen is translated from the Greek as “the chocker.”  Nitrogen is the fourth most abundant element in the human body, it appears after carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

The principle life giving elements of this world on the most grand of scales as we know it, are Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen.  The learned Chinese and the East refer to these primary compounds as, “The CHO.”  It is interesting that, “CHO,” is the prefix to the word Chocker, or Nitrogen, again the fourth most abundant element.  Perhaps this is why the Asian cultures typically are very skeptical about the numeral four, (the chocker).  

Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen, are not only a cause of all life, but they also determine the quality of it.  To remember Mr. Sebi, “where there is much carbon, there is much life.”  These elements provide us vitality and afford us all that we are able to experience in this realm of existence.  

So as these crucial primary movers (CHO) dissipate from our atmosphere, even from our language and comprehension, they also disappear within us, and they are the source of life.  Enhancement of any life form will occur immediately upon employing the correct use of Carbon, Hydrogen, and Oxygen.  This is the true science of all living beings, again leaving aside to a certain extent, the spiritual level. 

I began to avail myself of carbon other than a very topical understanding of the word, at a time about a decade and a half ago when nobody could escape hearing the term being repeated in the cycles of information.  Out of nowhere society here in the West and elsewhere began to be inundated with continuos misinformation about our carbon footprint, and how we as a people must quickly work to reduce it. 

As they flew off in their giant jets of course.

What we did not fully realize then, but certainly do now beyond any reasonable doubt, is that whenever a subject or issue appears in the detestable main flow of information, and it does so seemingly overnight, there is always an agenda behind it.

The disinformation about carbon is no exception.

In the early 1990’s the carbon disillusionment had begun.  Certainly it started long before that, and more than likely centuries prior, perhaps even much longer.

What many have now discovered for ourselves is that a teeming or vital life force, whether it be micro-organisms or the human species, requires an abundance of carbon.  This surely stands to reason as whatever it is that has complete control of this reality we are now experiencing is feverishly working to admonish, or, extinguish it; the carbons.  

We the people are carbons.  

Something does not want the elevation and illumination of the human family.  Perhaps blame is on ignorance and evil combined, though they are practically the same word.

Carbons are organic materials that empower the most pristine dietaries, not enzymes which are waste products, starch based carbohydrates which are unnecessary, macronutrients or even proteins.  Carbon is what gifts colors to vegetables, the colors are the mineral content within the food material.  Carbon is the second most abundant element within the human body after oxygen.  However, this is rapidly changing as what most of our current society considers to be food, such as anything that is genetically modified, seedless, or artificially being concocted in a laboratory, is carbon less.

Copper and carbon have been utilized together at power plants all over the world.  Large copper wheels spinning upon and up against carbon fiber brushes which create friction.  This friction creates a resonance that turns into a vibration that creates electricity; which is what we are made of.  

If this is not accurate one might ask why then are defibrillators used when a persons heart stops?  Why do we replenish ourselves with electro-lights after much physical exertion?    

Another example however very simple would be an automobiles alternator.  Inside the metal housing of the unit what will always be found is a copper wheel and carbon fiber material up against it.  The alternator generates energy for the entire vehicle.  When the alternator malfunctions even the battery within the car itself will soon die.

Copper and carbon power human beings and are both responsible for electrifying our bodily cells, much like the Sun which is also synonymous with electricity.  And it is the Sun along with its electrical power that is being worshipped, and is the primary underpinning for all major religions.

What must be noted also is that where there is much carbon there also tends to be much waste.  Particularly when one ingests inferior forms of carbons such as milk from another species, dead animal tissue, wheat, or starches of any kind because they are chemicals by their nature as are numerous hybridized vegetables such as carrots and cauliflower. 

Inferior and altered foods such as these create carbonic acids.  Some being the actual acids themselves, especially meat, which affords the carnivore exactly almost zero, nutritional value.  Carbonic acids coincide with the next most vital element which is Hydrogen.  

Hydrogen is known as the most abundant element in the Universe, some estimate as much as 90% of our visible realm is Hydrogen.  Hydrogen like Carbon and Oxygen is in the air we breathe.  These elements also feed the Plant Kingdom from the air which in turn feeds all the animals that are unnecessarily slaughtered and abused by the thieves when we get right down to it, because these are not our lives to take. 

Hydrogen is of the upmost importance, and rightly so because when combined with oxygen it produces water in which human beings and Mother Earth are made up of close to entirely.  Hydrogen, and its allowance, even affinity, for moisture makes it also another term for acid.  This is why the alkalinity and acidic balance of all of our bodily fluids and Mother Earths as well, are so very crucial.

Few are now conversing about the pH balance however I suspect not many know what it actually really means and even less know that it reverts directly back to electricity and magnetism.  It is encouraging though because not to long ago it seemed society knew more about the pH balance in swimming pools and yet nothing of their own internal one. 

Every bodily fluid will have a reading on a potentiating Hydrogen, or pH scale.  A potential hydrogen scale measures the alkalinity or acidity in water soluble substances.  Electricity is either being created and properly generating each and every one of our 80-100 trillion cells or it is vanishing from them becoming darker because conditions such as mineral and light balances which are really the same thing, are incorrect.

When our cells become to acidic the cellular structures become compromised and encased in acids and smothered.  They become lightless, the electrical potential is diminishing, this is illness.  I have expounded upon this point in another message here~

There are far fewer minerals in are soils now and we are being bombarded with artificial light from progressive technologies which not only alters our DNA, but also our DHA, or, our life force.

It is from this progressive technology such as cellular phones, computers, microwaves, cellular towers, artificial lighting, and so on, being foisted upon us that all emit non-native light, which is also non native frequencies.  We humans are frequencies and we are being interrupted at the most fundamental of levels.

Human beings are not meant to consume and be subjected to blue artificial light, and the fluorine gas emitted from fluorescent lighting, or even the light emitting diodes known as LED.  As Dr. Kruse is able to brilliantly explain, these particular lights, (LED) remove the purple and red from the light which is the most important part of the spectrum.  Artificial blue light from cellular phones evidently destroys our ocular melatonin, ocular melatonin drives dopamine levels.  Artificial lights are electron thieves, our bodies operate on electrons. 

The third most vital element for the manifestation of life is Oxygen.

Oxygen is so crucial to life that a human being will expire within seven minutes or so being deprived of it.  This is not so with food material or even water.  What many have also seemed to have forgotten is that Oxygen is what our brains operate on.  Our brains in our craniums and perhaps more importantly, those that comprise the ones in our gut called the enteric nervous system. 

Without this once perfectly designed balance of our gut biome human beings cannot extract the necessary nutrients from our food which is in essence, our energy.  When our oxygen levels are low so to will be the life force for these friendly microbes in our digestive tracks.  Humans must have the assistance of these Flora and Fauna or we will not have the energies to mitigate or subdue ailments.

Evidently it would be imperative for anyone seeking better heath to acquaint themselves more with these primary elements.  

I have found carbon to be colorful foods, food from Nature.  Carbons are organic foods that grow in the wild and do not have to be coddled and nurtured by man.  Carbon foods are starch less, which is a man made chemical that also has a very strong connection to cyanide.  Many of the vegetables and fruits most all people feel are healthy are actually based in starch.

Carbon containing foods are replete with minerals which are the precursor to electricity within the body.

Oxygenated foods are alive.  There are many of them from the Plant Kingdom.  Plant foods assimilate in the body immediately as opposed to dead animal tissue which is devoid of any oxygen and in reality are acidic in their Nature.  Live sprouts are fully oxygenated and alive.  Blue green algae from the right oceans are known to be one of the earliest life forms on the planet and are full of oxygen.  They have withstood the tests of time and are one of the only organisms in the world that can thrive in a radioactive or radiated environment like Chernobyl or the more recent 2011 nuclear disaster that is Fukushima. 

In no way am I presenting myself as an expert on these elements or any subject at all for that matter.  I have made it my duty in this life to seek only Truth and Knowledge which has granted me any wisdom I have obtained and feel extremely grateful for it.

The human family as we used to know it is up against what appears to be insurmountable odds now and in the coming future.  Each of us must find within ourselves the strength and will to continue on because that is what we are intelligently designed to do.   This is our purpose, and you are an integral part of the evolution of the human soul.

Perhaps Friedrich Nietzsche was correct, strength may in fact be our best virtue.  


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