The Legend That Is Paracelsus and The Little Yet Wondrous Things I know Of Him

I have written much more on the Legend that is the Great Paracelsus.  What will amount to an entire chapter in my first published book will be dedicated to this luminary that we have been fortunate enough to be highly aware of.

For brevity this message will entail but a few specific yet wondrous details about the enormity of a human being known to few as Philippus Aureolus Theophrastis Bombastus von Hohenhein Paracelsus, of Switzerland.

If you are reading these words you are indeed seeking knowledge as you probably noticed the name Paracelsus as it leapt from the page.  There are reasons for that; why certain names seem to boldly leap from the pages in which they are inscribed.  Magnanimous energy such as this can never be destroyed, much like gold, only can it be transferred or redirected.

The referenced works and personalities researched and embedded within this site will in fact change the course of anyones life whom chooses to look deeply into their messages, as they are certainly of sound mind and body.  They are many of them, Mental Giants.  Some of them even as fantastical as Paracelsus whom is likened to the legendary Hermes.  It is known that Hermes was revered by many and thought to be not of this world, even godlike.

To put into context the caliber of the personality that is Paracelsus.

Next what will be written is but a small piece of a truly incredible legend that shares with us that one man, Paracelsus, once erected an entire floor of a hospital’s ill patients.  Some recorded accounts describe Paracelsus accomplishing this through his words and passing around a fine white powder, which perhaps was an elixir from the moon.  Or, maybe it was the monatomic gold or Manna I have been writing about for thirteen years.

I have not heard or read this but seems also logical that the fine white powder might have been cell salts, or cellular salts.  Of course mineral salts and water is what the human being aught mainly be comprised of.  He certainly knew this as well, as simplicity was his Nature.

This character trait also seemed to be his downfall if one chooses to call it that.  Although downfall it was because the story goes that he was pushed down the stairs in his own home office.  The word of the time was that his colleagues were guilty of the ending murder.  Very jealous colleagues, continuing deeper into this story one would surely find.

There was a known pomposity during Paracelsus’s time that embodied most of the physicians, such as now.

His seemingly unorthodox and simple ways to bring health to the ill did not sit right within the power structure of his day, again such as now.

“Man is ill because he is never still”


The church is also known to have held disdain for Paracelsus suppressing his knowledge and slandering his name as we understand it.  Much could be shared about this type of behavior and how it parallels our present day.

I have veered some from the subject.

Paracelsus although not his birth name, will be the name remembered.  A magnificent name he was granted as the letters illustrate.

When you deconstruct words they tell you the greater story.


Celsus= The Roman Order Of Medicine

Hence the name so aptly bestowed upon him implies that he is Greater than The Roman Order Of Medicine.

We all have our purpose.

Are you able to even conceive what this would be like to be remembered as?  To be Greater than the highest order of medicine in the land.

Did anyone tell you couldn’t be?  I would depart from their presence very quickly in this case.

“A contradictory and controversial figure.  Paracelsus cannot be brought into line with any stereotype.  Paracelsus remains a paradox, he’s a true mirror of his century which even at this late date presents many unsolved mysteries.”

Carl G. Jung on The Selected Works of Paracelsus~

Carl G. Jung is likened to the Paracelsus of his time and was a contemporary of the more promulgated by design Sigmund Freud.  I could not rightly describe the likes of this man as yet but know several that have deeply studied his thoughtful messages.  His name seems to come up in any conversation regarding the mind of the human being.

Many times throughout our seeminlgy repetitive life we sometimes sadly miss the most important of all lessons the first go round.  Lessons that would have resulted in profound effects on the individuals constitution, or, character.  Lessons that would have coincided with, and even govern that which we matriculate into as the human family, and the speed in which we do it.  Pay great attention to the smaller seemingly petty things, and even greater upon excellence or, arete.  

Lesson From One Of The Most Illuminated Of All Time






Supreme Mysteries Of Nature



Alchemy And Healing The Medical System~ Paracelsus

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