Why Was “Vegan Food” The Number One Internet Searched Term and You Haven’t Heard About It ?



Searches for Vegan food online are exploding.

“When it comes to dining out, New Yorker’s were keen to get their hands on delicious vegan fare, meaning “vegan food” was the top Google search term among New Yorkers in 2016.” ~Veganfood&living.com

Not only the searches, but everything associated with vegetarianism/vegan and non violence towards animals along with actions taken towards bettering ones health is exploding.  Not that I personally would ever utilize google as a search tool, or as any tool for that matter, there are far better search engines with the same speed and that do not confine the user in a tight little box while recording every key stroke, but this is another matter all together.


Vegetarian and Vegan feeding is not a fad either and we are not going away.  Nor is this type of lifestyle and dietary the new thing, as I so often hear repeated with unrelenting frequency by others.  This is a very old thing.  An ancient one to be exact because this is how we sentient beings used to feed ourselves, before our tastes became perverted and we followed the wrong leaders.  Of course we are just re-remembering this fact as a people, as we all see the collective consciousness is now soaring.

We were once a tropical people that lived upon tropical lands which were replete with fruit, berries, melons, and non-hybridized plants and vegetables.  This idea that we once lived in caves and evolved from monkeys with the Darwinian theory has been disproven long long ago.  Charles Darwin does not appear to have even believed this either.  Only the portions of his work that served the establishments agenda was made prominent, an agenda to keep us in the dark.  And actually this was the work of numerous others before Darwin that many have never heard of such as Aristotle, and Alfred Russel Wallace, but see Russel Wallace did not have the money and political influence that the Darwin family had.  This has all been very well documented in the book, A Delicate Arrangement.

Carnivorous feeding, or the ingestion of dead animal tissue for sustenance is not normal, natural, or necessary, no matter how many misinformed entities tell you otherwise.  Eating dead animal flesh is diametrically opposed, or the direct opposite of all of these terms.  For some thoughtful scientific documentation regarding this subject you may discover more crucial information within my article here http://www.valhallafit.com/newest-articles/for-all-our-sake/.

The people and huge corporations espousing fallacies like this type of feeding as being normal, natural, and necessary, such as the paleo community, are making people and the entire world ill with this type of thinking.  They would have you and I believe we were once cave dwellers see, when in fact we were not.  They do not understand very basic facts regarding where Homo Sapiens even came from, much less what we once knew to naturally feed upon.

“The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.” ~Leonardo da Vinci

People are entitled to believe of course what they choose, but I do not find it even a bit likely that my creator once dwelt in a cave and fed upon the blood of animals, so why would I? 

All intelligent accurate research indicates we are frugivores first in our nature, with a propensity to also be herbivorous.  Fruit, berries, and melons, and then vegetable plant matter feeding once dominated our world, and really still does although it does not readily appear as such.  Fruit, and vegetable feeding is the perfect dietary in which we have so far strayed from, as we have been “taught” how to eat by others that have not a clue as to whom they truly are and where they came from.

They are followers.  Followers of others who are also following others and the trail always leads back to money and ignorance.  Ig-Nor- Rance~ to ignore, unaware, uninformed. 

Ignorance and misinformation which has also brought us the keytosis and Atkins diet, which will work for a time, all the while building up more acid within the individual as they break down their amino acid profiles, which is the integrity of their structures, to use for fuel. 

Carcass crunchers as the philosophers of old once labeled the meat eaters, feed upon blood so in a sense they are vampiric.  It is very sad to say that I was once misled this way in which now I feel terrible for and now working feverishly to correct my exactly nauseating mistakes. 

So this is rapidly changing of course as one is able to clearly determine with the movement we are witnessing.  All the sentient beings are remembering our true natures, masses of our populace are beginning to realize a fruit and plant based dietary is irrefutably superior in every way, shape, and form.  People are realizing that it is in fact the ingestion of blood and starch that is making people and our world extremely ill.

I will add also here and want to be extremely clear.  Protein is not what most think it is and protein is a huge problem within our society.  This is why when someone asks me where do I get my protein from which is the most prominent question, I ask in return what would I need that for?  Of course not many at all are able to answer this question which explains clearly that most people do not even know what protein is but feel they must have it, and in abundance.  Further on this point is that protein is a small portion of what we are, and what most consider to be protein is actually acid or the metabolic waste products of dead animals.

Seek carbons, sunlight, and pure water and notice how quickly your life changes for the better particularly with people dealing with any sort of pain, because proteins, especially inferior forms of it will only exacerbate this pain condition because again what people feel is protein is actually acid.

Below is a list of simply a few vegetarians from our past that have had tremendous impacts upon our society, and many of which made it their personal missions in life teach the importance for our world to abstain from the ingestion and murder of sentient beings we know as innocent animals.

Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Sir Issac Newton, Aristotle, Porphyry, William Shakespeare, Pythagoras, Plato, Socrates, John F. Kennedy, Voltaire, Leo Tolstoy, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Dali Lama, Mark Twain, Charles Darwin, Mary Shelley, Dr. Linus Pauling, George Bernard Shaw, Johnny Appleseed, Nikola Tesla, Ovid, Napoleon Bonaparte, Susan B. Anthony, Empedocles, Martin Luther, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Corretta Scott King, Buddah, Adolf Hitler, Aldous Huxley, Paul McCartney, Giovanni Pico della Mirandela, Carl Lewis, Virgil, Mike Tyson, Confucius, Bill Pearl, Thomas Edison, The Historical Jesus Christ, Oliver Stone, Michael Jackson, Steve Jobs, Vincent Van Gogh, and Ramanujan, perhaps the greatest mathematician of his time along with Seneca whom was the tutor of the Roman Emperor Nero, etc, etc, etc.

There are numerous more intriguing names from our past and alive today that fed this way and not one reasonable person with a sober mind could denounce the intelligence levels of these individuals. 

Do you feel they may have known something?

Vegan/vegetarian events are growing at astronomical rates, if ones does not believe this maybe they should attend one.  What you will notice is the energy difference immediately.  People replete with the true energy which is carbon and oxygen.  You would notice that people have clear eyes and are attentive when speaking or being spoken to.  One would also observe much compassion and thoughtfulness, because people whom’s dietaries consist of non acid forming nutrients and essential carbons are simply wired differently and this is a fact that can and has been properly explained. 

Our diets are not comprised of the acidic blood of animals and starch which has a direct link to cyanide.  So how can we not be?

I will add here that one may also observe many unhealthy looking people and then think that this is an effect of the vegan/vegetarian diet in which it is not.  Typically this will be those people that have fed upon chemically laden artificial foods, animal tissue, fast fake food, and frozen so called food and are now seeking a better way and this is excellent. 

True vegetarian and vegan people whom have correctly employed this dietary for many years exemplify the word health, or hygeia.

The blood builds everything, bones, organs, tissue, body-parts, and even the personality of animals.  So for those that ingest animal tissue you are ingesting the acidic side of chemistry by default, because animals are acidic in their nature.  Every single bodily process the animal has, endlessly creates metabolic waste products that people in turn ingest.  For the true health seeker you must get to the base, or alkaline side of chemistry, which is carbon and remove acids and acid forming foods.

It is not my intention to offend anyone or ridicule people as I am so often misinterpreted.  All things revert back to health for myself and the teaching of it.  And so this is the message, health begins first with obtaining accurate information and then applying it, not usually what we want to hear is that we are doing everything wrong as a people.

I will leave the reader with a final message and in no way at all is it to delivered with any sort of pomposity or hubris.  What you have just read is only a fraction of what all should know and be taught at the earliest of ages and yet it is not.  We ought to begin to ask ourselves why and who benefits from the illusory world most people are dwelling in.

We will work with anyone seeking a healthier lifestyle no matter your current level of fitness or awareness, and what you will discover quickly is that there are very few people on this planet alive today that know as much as we do about Nutritional Science, very few, as in a handful.  And the true study of nutritional science will take one back to every other subject known.

The information you have just received will be written and mainstream in thirty to forty years if that tells you anything, and yet you know now, and we wish you to do something with it, for all our sake.

Arete everyone!



Article Below by Riseofthevegan.com

January 4, 2017

Google Searches for ‘VEGAN’ Have Never Been Higher

More people Googled ‘vegan’ last week than ever before

Google Trends, which records how many searches are made for particular terms is showing that searches for ‘vegan’ have never been higher.

The peak coincided with the end of the year, a time when traditionally people make New Year’s resolutions to improve parts of their life – and we know that more people than ever before chose to switch to a vegan lifestyle.

The Trends measures searches from all over the world but the top 10 countries searching for ‘vegan’ were:

1. Australia
2. Canada
3. United States
4. New Zealand
5. Germany
6. Austria
7. United Kingdom
8. Sweden
9. Ireland
10. Switzerland

Google Trends is a useful indicator for gauging what is capturing the general public’s attention.

The Veganuary campaign encourages the public to go vegan every January with the hope that it will be a permanent switch after people see how easy the lifestyle is and how much better it makes them feel. This year already more than twice the amount of people signed up to go vegan for the entire month of January compared to last year.

You can see the huge difference in Veganuary sign-ups on the graph below. The blue line is 2014/2015, the orange line is 2015/2016 and the grey line is sign ups this year (2016/2017).

Veganuary sign-ups at record high

Last year we saw a huge increase in the number of people rejecting meat and dairy and adopting fully plant-based diets. In fact, the numbers of those following vegan diets has grown by a remarkable 261% in the UK and vegan food sales have increased 1,500%.

There are many reasons fuelling the rise in veganism, including increasing consumer-awareness of the barbaric practices of factory farming, and ease of access to more delicious vegan foodsas companies expand their vegan ranges. It may also be because of growing awareness of the looming threat from antibiotic resistance caused by the meat industry, or the unsustainable environmental issues surrounding meat/diary production which were highlighted earlier this year in the report from leading investors to the 16 largest food companies.

Whatever the reason, there’s no better time to go vegan. People are usually amazed at how much better they feel without ingesting animal products and they discover so many new delicious foods they won’t even want to go back to meat/dairy again.

You can also download our free Festive Vegan Recipe Book if you’d like some fresh ideas.


  1. My mother went to all plant based removing nasty dairy and meat and completely reversed everything that was wrong with her, so quickly too like 3 months. Great work!

  2. I read your article For All Our Sake and it is remarkably documented and the names associated with vegetarianism tells me everything I need to know, which is to change my eating “habits” as you say. I look forward to it and have heard nothing but great things about plant based feeding.

  3. Great! The plantrician project in full effect….many of my friends and family are now asking what to do and where to look for information and I highly recommend your work here, so glad we found the site.

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