Wireless Dangers: The Disasterous Health Hazards of Microwave Radiation

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Esteemed readers, Know that the very troubling information below is only a topical look at an enormous issue that is in fact affecting every form of life on this planet.  We truly appreciate the Author’s informative article as well as her concerns.  We need many more like her with as much information as they are able to share.

There are solutions.

The material that the article details though is very softly written, which is fine, but mentions nothing of the abilities of these loathsome radio frequencies to control and re-wire our minds.  We encourage the perceptive audience to do some deeper research that delves into these areas no matter how disturbing the information will prove to be.  Because although knowledge is not power as it is often repeated, it can certainly equate to it, which can then be utilized to mitigate some of the threats we all are facing. 

And when enough of us care and begin to inform ourselves properly, just maybe we can stop that which is undoubtably coming.

There is another aspect to this as well with the disturbing promotion of genetically modified organisms that many are sadly calling food.  It is our contention that the advent of these so called “progressive” foods coincide with the electromagnetic pollution in an even much larger scheme.  We feel, whatever it is that is in absolute control of our planet currently, fully realizes that the ability to grow food as we have always done in the past will no longer be viable due to the tremendous amounts of electromagnetic pollution that will canvas the entire earth.  So in comes the solution (genetically modified foods) after of course the unnecessary manufactured problem.  The infamous problem, reaction, solution.  

Except they are not solutions at all,  they will simply be the beginnings of more serious problems. 

A very simple method to determine how powerful this type of energy is would be to put a plant next to a wifi power center.  One of the first things you will notice is that it will begin to look unhealthy, then droop right before it dies.  If you want to speed the process up, microwave the water that you feed the plant with.  Of course you may witness this online, or read about all the experiments as opposed to sacrificing another plant.

This dark energy from radioacticivty that is causing the cellular death in the plant is destroying its DNA, much like it will ours.  It is pollution that is hindering at the least, and even stopping the replication of healthy cells adversely affecting and altering everything it surrounds.

Now imagine an entire world encapsulated and inside the belly of this electromagnetic chaos.

That will be us, and everyone and everything we love and care for.

It already is in fact.


By Lori Alton

Wireless dangers: The health hazards of microwave radiation


Cell phones, laptops, tablets, “smart” meters and “smart” homes are exposing people to constant levels of microwave radiation – at amounts that are unprecedented in the history of this planet. In fact, according to the Wireless Broadband Alliance, an astonishing 9 billion WiFi-enabled devices are expected to be in use worldwide by the end of 2017.
And, with the advent of 5G networks, the situation will only get worse for all of us – if we don’t do something about this. Natural health experts warn that the global rush to 5G wireless rollouts will present grave dangers to the health of humans, animals and the environment.

5G wireless technology bombard the population with untested frequencies

Among other uses, the proposed 5G network is intended to facilitate the use of self-driving vehicles and the “Internet of Things” – the wireless coffeemakers, refrigerators, security systems, thermostats and other appliances that constitute a “smart home.”

The 5G network – also known as 5th generation wireless technology – will include higher gigahertz range frequencies than those ever utilized, or tested, before.

The network will require each of the major wireless carriers to install up to a million new base stations, and will also necessitate the installation of wireless cellular antennas on light and utility poles. As a result, the amounts of microwave radiation – already at dangerously high levels – will skyrocket.

Microwave sickness syndrome is already a recognized disorder, with the World Health Organization acknowledging that 3.5 to 5 percent of people suffer microwave sickness syndrome when close to cell phone transmitters. Symptoms of the illness include headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, depression and sleep disorders.

And it is not only the amount of radiation that is problematic, but the variety. Experts say that the “pulsed,” polarized waves of wireless technology pose more biological risks than ‘smooth waves.’ In fact, some scientists believe that these waves have the potential to worsen the growing scourge of antibiotic resistance – already designated a “global public health crisis” by the World Health Organization.

Wireless technology linked with cognitive problems, brain tumors and other cancers

Geneticist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, who identified pollution from wireless technologies as a major health issue of modern life, has likened the omnipresence of the technology to being immersed in a “sea of microwaves” – and she maintains that the health risks are more severe than the risks from smoking.

Scientific studies have linked microwave radiation from wireless technologies to DNA damage, cognitive problems, impaired fertility and cancers of the prostate, breast, liver, lungs and skin.

A National Toxicology Program study showed that 2G cell phone radiation can cause brain cancer and DNA damage in animals. And, a European study known as Reflex showed that even low levels of microwave radiation – such as that emitted from ordinary household appliances and cell phones – can break cell DNA in both humans and animals.
These findings were so troubling that they caused the study’s lead author to advise people not to use cell phones when fixed lines are available – and to recommend using headsets with cell phones.

Moreover, studies performed in Israel and Germany showed that risk of cancers of the breast, brain, prostate, bowel, skin, lung and blood tripled with long-term microwave exposure.

A 2015 study found that exposure to 3G radiation – at levels well below limits for the users of cell phones – promoted the formation of brain tumors. The research built on a 2010 study in which mice exposed to EMFs had double the number of metastasizing lung tumors as non-exposed mice.

And, cancer is not the only risk from microwave radiation. Other studies have demonstrated adverse effects on the endocrine, immune, cardiac, reproductive and nervous systems.

Wireless dangers extend to the environment

Of course, the damage from wireless networks is not limited to humans. Wide-ranging oxidative and free radical damage, pre-diabetic and pre-cancerous changes and reductions in growth and thyroid hormones have been documented in animals after exposure to WiFi. Other studies have shown that exposure to wireless systems can trigger racing heartbeat and aggression in animals.

Research has shown that cordless phones can slow the growth of plant roots, alter gene expression, and even harm beehives. In a particularly chilling Swiss study, bees responded to cell phone signals with high-pitched piping – a cue to desert the hive.

Many researchers believe that cell phone radiation could be the reason behind colony collapse disorder (CCD) – the phenomenon in which the majority of worker bees abandon the hive. CCD has spiked drastically worldwide in recent years, causing great economic losses for farmers and beekeepers.

You can cut your exposure to microwave radiation – and your risk of harm

With 5G bearing down on us like a freight train – and the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s estimated existence of 432.5 million public hotspots worldwide by 2020 – it sometimes seems there is no escape from the threat of wireless dangers.

But there are actions you can take to minimize your risk.

You can reduce your exposure to microwave radiation by opting to use wired technology and landlines whenever possible – and utilizing hands-off technology and earphones if cell phone use is unavoidable.

You can also join with your neighbors to protest 5G antenna placement on light poles in your area, and to demand that municipal leaders delay the installation of smart city technology until safety issues are explored. You can also demand that your child’s school use wired internet access – and cite the fact that the well-respected American Academy of Pediatrics has called for reduced wireless exposure for children.

When it comes to ever-increasing amounts of harmful microwave radiation, it’s time to say “Enough is enough!”
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  1. Geneticist Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, who identified pollution from wireless technologies as a major health issue of modern life, has likened the omnipresence of the technology to being immersed in a “sea of microwaves”

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