Words On Becoming More, From The Genius That Learned The Icelandic Language In A Weeks Time

Valhalla Editorial Note

Learning fluently the most difficult language in the world in a week and calculates equations to a hundred decimal points in his head is what Daniel Temmet does, not who he is.  Who he is, is the one who realizes the human family is a very small part of a much larger whole.  As Daniel Tammet writes, “It becomes something more for being part of something bigger than itself.” 

The Universal fold started long before each of us, evidently by intelligent design.

The exactly limitless potentiality of the human brain appears certain and beyond reproach.  Stories from all over the world like this now are becoming more so.  Stories that make us remember what each of us are capable of.

This is what could even be commonplace.  To learn numerous languages, to be experts in sacred geometry, to write beautiful poetry or to construct magnificent monuments all, easy when one wills it so.

Because this is what we have done all throughout history.  Marvelous human kind.     

The now rapid shift in awareness in the collective consciousness will surely bring more genius to light.  And light is what it is about.  We have been delivered the term Christ yet have forgotten that this word also translates to light.  Electricity.  

I will make one small point here on a very vast subject so that it continues to be recorded.

What I have learned from studying the great minds of our past is that our sun, and the brightest star in the sky, or, the Dog Star Sirius, are now turning back towards each other as we leave this age of Iron.  As they rapidly move closer to one another the amount of energy being generated will increase tremendously, and so to will the recipients of it which is us, as well as all life forms on the planet.

Vibration is increasing, and all is vibration. 

Nostradamus and many others wrote so long ago that although there will be an explosion in knowledge, there will also be a complete bifurcation in this same awareness at the end of what we know to be time.  Meaning knowledge will vastly increase but so to will ignorance, and at the same speed.  This appears as such as we observe the state of our current world.  

 That it is why it is imperative that we strive to elevate all that surrounds us.  Every single thing we come into contact with aught be made better simply by our selfless energy.  This is our true nature and reason for existence.  

You have within you powers that are unexplainable and not even of this world. Some of those powers come by way of words that come out of your mouth.  Words are truly mightier than the sword.  It does not seem accidental that when you add an s to words, you get swords.  

True greatness consists in the use of a powerful understanding to enlighten oneself and others





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Thursday, May 03, 2007

On Learning Icelandic


Shortly after the week I spent learning Icelandic for the documentary ‘Brainman’ in 2004, I wrote down some of my thoughts on the experience. I reproduce an excerpt from them below:

“Though some might complain about the Icelandic grammar, that isn’t the point. Icelandic is not grammar, Icelandic people don’t speak grammar. If you learn the language, the grammar will follow. I find that the complexity of Icelandic mirrors the complexity of human thought and nature, and the rich tension within the fabric of everyday life. When paint is cast within a portrait, it becomes something more for being part of something bigger than itself. Blue and grey becomes a sky, green and white becomes a landscape, pink and orange and black becomes a human face. So it is with words which become sentences, like raindrops which form a sea. Why shouldn’t ‘bók’ become ‘bókin’ at the start of a sentence and ‘bókina’ at the end. Icelandic sentences are composed of more than just words.”


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