Callie’s Kitchen uses only the finest organic, highest quality ingredients for you and your family.

We seldom use any dairy, however, when we do it is always organic and grass-fed.

Any animal proteins used in Callie’s Kitchen are also organically fed and humanely raised, as well as local when available.

Any and all spices used are organic & non-irradiated and we use only the best mineral rich celtic sea salts or Redmond’s Real Salt.

Any water used in the kitchen is pure and filtered, and only the best non-aluminum or plastic cookware is ever used.

Seafood is always wild caught, never farm-raised, and absolutely never from areas surrounding Japan and the Fukushima Radiation disaster. 

We do not use Wheat or any Soy Products, Harmful Cooking Oils, Carrageenan, Monosodium Glutamate, Artificial Colors or Flavors, Preservatives, or Genetically Modified Foods of any kind.

We are 100% Chemical Free, as it should be!

Delivery Days are Monday, Wednesday & Friday to any home or office in The Woodlands, Spring & Tomball Areas. 

*Delivery to Houston and surrounding areas available at separate delivery rate

Meals will be delivered the following week after your order is placed | All Orders $8 Delivery | $52 Minimum Order



Vegan Meals

$8 Vegan chickpea and vegetable curry

$8 Vegan black bean and vegetable stuffed sweet potato- with side of seasonal greens

$8 Raw Vegan Collard Green Taco – with side of seasonal greens                                                                                                                                   

$8Vegan Cauliflower and Cashew Bowl – Seasoned Cauliflower, chickpeas, greens and steamed quinoa

$8 Vegan Buddha Bowl – Steamed Brown rice, organic vegetables and chickpeas


Wild Caught fish of the week $12 over steamed organic rice, with season steamed vegetables and cashews.

Wild Caught Tuna Wrap $12 Gluten Free, Organic Ancient grain tortilla filled with wild caught tuna and organic super greens, with quinoa medley and side salad.

Organic Cuban Turkey Picadillo $13 Organically and humanely raised minced ground turkey, olives, golden raisins, vegetables and authentic spices of garam masala, cumin, cinnamon and more over steamed turmeric brown rice with side of seasonal vegetables. 

Balsamic Chicken & Vegetables $11 Humanely raised seasoned chicken, balsamic roasted root vegetables and sweet potatoes.

Organic Pasta Salad with Wild Caught Tuna, side of seasonal greens $11 *Gluten and mayo-Free

Organic Turkey Spaghetti $12– Generous portion of organic ground turkey mixed in organic garlic and mushroom italian red sauce, gluten-free quinoa and brown rice noodles, with side of organic seasonal vegetables.

Organic Farm Fresh Salad $10- Weekly seasonal greens, pasture-raised boiled eggs, omega organic nuts, fresh cruciferous vegetables and homemade dressing. Add organic Chicken or Wild caught Tuna ($3)

Pulled Chicken & Kale Tacos (2) $13
Organic Non-Gmo crisped corn tortillas. Side of organic black beans and rice

Organic House made barbecue chicken wrap $11– organic chicken with soy free barbecue sauce and greens wrapped in organic, gluten-free tortilla with organic sweet corn salad and side greens.

Golden Turmeric Curry$11 – Organic spiced golden curry with vegetables and organic chicken over steamed organic jasmine rice.

Savory Turkey, Lentil and Vegetables over Quinoa $12

Teriyaki Chicken & Rice $13 Blend of ginger, cashews, pasture-raised eggs, crisp vegetables and organic chicken, sweet with organic coconut aminos and spices over organic jasmine rice. *Substitute rice with Quinoa available. This dish is baked, and uses no cooking oils!

Southwestern Burrito Bowl $12 Organic Non Gmo corn, onions, tomatoes, black beans,, peppers humanely raised seasoned turkey and more over steamed rice and house-made, dairy-free chipotle dressing.

Organic house-made shredded barbecue chicken $13 With steamed season sweet potato, and herb roasted vegetables.

Garlic and Cashew Quinoa and Brown Rice $12 with Humanely Raised ground turkey and cruciferous vegetables.

Simple All organic Fuel – $8

Your choice of any 3:

  1. Organic ground turkey, organic chicken, wild caught fish of the week, pasture raised soft scrambled eggs.
  2. All organic brown or white rice, quinoa, quinoa pasta noodles, steamed sweet potato,
  3. Organic salad greens or organic steam seasoned vegetables.


*All Meals can be made Vegan, Vegetarian and/or Customized Upon request!


*Minimum order of $52 | Delivery $8

FAMILY STYLE | Medium (serves 2-3) $27 | Large (serves 4-5) $54

Please kindly email for custom meal plan inquiries or to begin ordering your organic meals. We look forward to providing clean wholesome meals to you and your family!

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