Organic Coconut Sugar

coconut sugar

Organic Coconut Sugar!

A superior replacement for any and all white, refined, processed, cancer-feeding, indigestible, table sugar.

Coconut sugar is a natural sweetener from the coconut tree, “TREE OF LIFE”. It is acquired from the nectar of the flowers grown on coconut trees. There are no additives, no stripping of minerals and nutrients, no bleaching (SUGAR IS NEVER NATURALLY WHITE), and no mechanical processing in colossal machines which boil, spin, dissolve, sift and separate through metal laced pipelines as refined sugar would be.

Just one tablespoon of coconut sugar contains numerous trace minerals that the body needs, which will by no means be found in refined sugar. It is naturally brown in color and naturally rich in key vitamins and minerals: Iron, Zinc, Potassium, amino acids, magnesium, manganese, and many B complex vitamins that play a key role in metabolism and providing energy.

Coconut sugar is very sweet and somewhat similar to brown sugar. It can be used as a replacement for regular white sugar in ANY recipe.

Sweet Tea, Coffee, Brown Rice Flower Pancakes, Smoothies, Salad Dressings, and my favorite, Protein Coconut Flower Cookies!


  1. Hmm. I am interested to find out more. I think I will try it out. I have never heard of coconut sugar. I am desperately trying to get my hubby to stop eating so much sugar. how would this taste in his coffee (another trying to encourage him to cut back on)?

  2. Hi Mia, yes organic coconut sugar can be a great replacement, also raw organic honey is great as well in coffee! So you know, someone craving sugar is often not recieving adequate amounts of good healthy fats and quality protein.
    Try this healthy fat mix in the coffee:
    1 tbsp. organic unrefined coconut oil
    1 tbsp. grass-fed butter (kerrygolds is a good brand)
    1 tbsp. organic coconut sugar or raw honey
    splash of organic almond or coconut milk!

    <3 Callie Ann

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