Aluminum Free , the Way to Be

If you take a look at your deodorant or antiperspirant, you will probably notice it contains Aluminum.

If so, that means every time you roll on your deodorant, you are allowing your body to absorb aluminum, a highly reactive chemical. It will literally be absorbed by your liver, kidney, brain, cartilage, bone marrow etc… Which continues to accrue over time.

We would never eat aluminum, and we sure would not want to directly apply it on our sweat glands!

Remember, it is a good thing to sweat! That means your body is doing its job and releasing toxins that accumulate in your body every day.

Like the name indicates, ANTIperspirant, keeps you from perspiring, inhibiting the body from releasing toxins from that area. If these toxins are kept from being sweat out, they are going to be deposited back into your body, mainly in your lymph nodes below your arm pits, where many breast cancer tumors occur.

There are many brands of aluminum-free deodorants you can try. They sell them at most grocery stores in the healthy section and at health food stores!

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