Homemade Organic Ranch Dressing

Here I prepared my own organic Ranch dressing! It is easy, clean, healthy and incredible tasting!

It will make many of the common store bought ranch dressings taste like artificial junk … Oh wait, they are!
Check out this standard store bought dressing and it’s “Ingredients”! *Sadly, this isn’t even the worst one.

– full of genetically engineered organisms, nasty preservatives so it can sit on the shelf for months and years, monosodium glutamate and artificial everything!

There is close to nothing real and natural in this entire bottle, yuck! More and more real nutrients are being replaced with inexpensive artificial ingredients that are now known as food.
When we all continue to wake up and refuse to buy these products, companies like this will be forced to make major changes! As many already have, because we are finally becoming more aware and demanding it!
Lets give our bodies a break and nourish it with real food that can actually be processed and utilized.
We can make our own dressings, sauces and really anything we want! You will really gain a much greater respect and love for your food as I have, it is truly amazing!
-1 cup organic plain GRASS FED kefir or yogurt
-1/2 cup organic sour cream (highly suggest using the one I have pictured, it is by great lengths the cleanest and healthiest. At Sprouts grocery store and Whole Foods)
– Real Celtic sea salt and organic black pepper 
– 2 tbsp. Organic raw unfiltered ‘With the Mother’ Apple Cider Vinegar
– as much or as little organic washed cilantro as desired (I like a lot!)
– squeeze of lime (optional)
 If you like it more runny, add filtered water or organic olive oil in the darkest bottle

**very important to use same organic ingredients I have listed or of same quality!

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