Do you want to be genetically modified?

Some “Food” Companies are now finally labeling their Genetically Modified products as they should.

You are what you eat right, do you want to be Genetically Modified?

*Genetically Engineered substances are just a fraction of harmful ingredients in this product and those alike.

Enriched Wheat Flour– Sounds good right? enriched wheat flour is completely stripped of all nutrients and what is added back is nothing but toxic ingredients that our bodies cannot process correctly, and then Bleached to make it white and pretty.

Water– Fluoridated Tap Water

Sugar– Genetically Engineered Sugar, processed and rife with heavy metals

Soybean Oil/Soy Lecithin– Soy is one of the Worst things on this earth for our bodies and brains.

Modified Yeast,Malt Flour, Calcium Propionate– Contains Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) Excitotoxin, Literally Excites our brain cells at such a rapid speed that they are damaged or destroyed.
(Dr. Russell Blaylock,MD and Board Certified Neurosurgeon is a great Reference for MSG)

Just to name a few..

This is just one label on one product, they are everywhere. Fortunately, there are many good companies who do care about the health of you and your family who make truly amazing and healthy products!

-Callie’s Organic Kitchen


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