The Perfect Lunge


Proper Lunging is not where your torso is bent, even slightly, and half of your body weight is being supported by your lower back.  This would be developing your core and only a fraction of your posterior chain, and not very well.  This would also be wasting precious time and effort.


Because posture is crucial to performance.

Powerful gluteal muscle comes from grinding, they develop when you mentally make the connection to push your heels through and away from the pavement with as much force as possible once you are warm.

Sit back into the lunge, take your time and get completely comfortable in the down position.  This is where the action is, this is where strength and ontogeny is occurring, where you are developing.  Lift your toes off the ground and make the mental connection to lift your body with only the leg that is engaged through your heel.

Connect with the earth through the bottom of the soles in your feet and mentally engage your brain to push the earth down.  Do this slowly and you will get the development you desire in your glute hamstring region.

What we know is that where the mind and thoughts go, so too does what should be our nutrient replete blood and oxygen, along with our strength hormones and other energy sources.  So if the idea is to get our plasma, or blood, into the muscle for the sacred pump, would it be not then wise to put all of your being and focus into the target muscle and not only within every set, but through each and every second of every rep?


To train like this is extremely difficult for anyone at any level yet I feel should be the linchpin of any program.

To slow down and feel what you are doing, be aware of each muscle fiber being activated, not simply the general area of the frame.

When you are ready for weighted lunges, and this will be a while for most, to do correctly anyhow, dum-bells and or kettle bells are completely different from that of the barbell.  It would be wise for those seeking proper development to know and comprehend the mechanisms of each, and how they differ.

How they differ being key

If you are able to go up hill without your knees going over your toes, even better.

My how magazines have changed, even from the 1990’s.

Now seemingly nothing but advertisements for chemically laden, health destroying, artificially colored and fake modified substances that most people mistakenly feel to be harmless beneficial supplements.

If anyone feels this is not an accurate statement or that this cannot be true, please do share your thoughts.

All supplements, as other sources of fuel for the human organism are not created equal.

What we also know beyond reproach is that the higher the quality, the amount of respect paid, the handling of, along with the more nutrient dense our food is, the less we will in turn ingest, which is far superior to our health than consuming more.

The laughably repetitive magazines also look wet and shiny, what do you feel is making them look like that?  It is called petroleum, gas or oil, and inks almost dripping off of the page.  Very similar what anyone would see with the cereal and cookie packaging, particularly children’s cereal of course.  I would not even touch these things without wearing gloves and washing my hands afterwards.

And if anyone may think this is a bit excessive, read up on what the paper receipts from the “chain” stores that were doused with the same dyes used by magazines did to those that handled them.

That would be extreme to me.

I aint going out like that, to echo Cypress Hill.


Put your thoughts deep inside what your body is doing in those given moments of each thoughtful action and you will be rewarded.

“Rumble young man Rumble”

~The Greatest- Cassius Clay


~Image Credit-
Mr. Angelo Dundee and Mr.Cassius Clay
Even the best in the world understand the need for intelligent coaching and true friendship, and these are two of the best in the world, personified.
We are all in this together.
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