Kyle R. Jessop

Kyle R. Jessop, founder and managing partner of Valhalla Wholistic Health & Training Center.

A lifelong vitalist  whom has devoted his entire life to researching unparalleled wisdom regarding wholistic nourishment for the mind body and soul.

He contends that the magical powers of proper human nutrition and precise supplementation grants us a magnanimous life. He feels we are in fact a vital life force when we are replete with and apply accurate wisdom pertaining to our health.

He is a Champion bodybuilder, Research Journalist, Author, and Wholsitic Nutritionist that has studied the most illustrious beings of all time, from deep in our past, to his mentors that are continuing to thrive today. He is a seasoned physique contest preparation coach and has worked with numerous professional athletes in many different sports throughout his life.

Currently he is working towards obtaining a board certification as a licensed naturopathic physician and producing a documentary film.

Perhaps most important is the stillness he has found from bowing deeply to all that is good in the world starting with our companions we know as animals, and serving only truth wherever it might lead.

~Vincit Omnia Veritas

Callie Ann

Thank you for visiting our site, my name is Callie Ann, I am an Organic Chef, Holistic Health Coach, Lifestyle Cleanse Educator, Professional Website Builder and Founder and Editor of I work personally with Individuals and Families on living a chemical free nourishing life.

I feel very blessed to have learned at an early age the incredible power of proper nutrition and the reality of the world we live in, for it indescribably changed my life and gave me a completely new spark. I truly love what I do, and my mission is to educate as many others as possible with this empowering information and knowledge.

Stay Nourished, xoxo