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The fundamental premise of our online Wholistic Nutritional Program is devised to elucidate ways to invigorate our clients, and to bolster their individual immune systems through mentoring programs.

In very broad terms, it is our contention the human body and mind perform as a whole or one unit, that the body is truly much more than just a sum of its collective parts.  All parts being completely independent yet deeply woven together to work in harmony with one another.  In order to acquire vitality and excellent health we must seek that which the human body constantly searches for which is balance, or homeostasis.  Furthermore, that it is only through the application of  Wholistic Nutritional Sciences and time tested wholesome traditions that we are granted longevity and this crucial balance.

The Wholistic methodology or position on how to have a long healthy life is truly quite simple.  

Practice and implement only things that honor the phenomenal blessing that is the body, while eliminating things that do not.  Sentient human beings are intelligently designed and have incredible regenerative powers with a miraculous ability to flourish when given the raw materials we need.

We feel when one methodically sharpens their focus, eliminating profoundly specific things that do not respect this balance within and around their beings, their lives will vastly improve no matter their current condition.  Things typically unbeknownst to most, such as chemicals in our food and water supply, electromagnetic pollution, along with modified food like substances and additives, also known as toxins, that all wreak unnecessary havoc on those subjected to them.

While we introduce this material and expound upon it continually with our clients, we also share vital information and documented research concerning the unique healing powers of Proven Super-foods and Specific Essential Nutrients which are both missing from the vast majority of our food supply and soils.  Valhalla Training Center provides unique Solutions and priceless wisdom to our clients that does in fact change lives and raise individual awareness on matters of consequence.

The intelligence we provide will prove to rejuvenate, and do so instantaneously, the bodies and minds of anyone whom implements our basic principles which are completely logical once realized.

We do not tell anyone what to see or think here, however we do advise on where one might look.

Please contact Jessop.Valhalla@gmail.com

“Every animal and human being that dies of natural causes dies of a nutritional deficiency.”

~Dr. Joel Wallach

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