Dow plunges 666 points in biggest drop since the Great Recession



What the superficial article below does not call to attention is that not only did the Dow Jones drop 666 points on this day, but that this particular day was also the 33rd day of this year.  

Or, that the last significant crash occurred on the last day of the every 7 year Shemitah, September 29, 2008, when the Dow Jones fell 777.7 points.  Know also that September is the 9th month on the Roman calendar we still utilize as a people, and of course if you add the day this occurred which was the 29th, (9+2) we see 11.  So, 9/11, or 911; again.

Imagine now the powers that would need to have been conjured up, or the digital manipulation that would have been necessary to complete these two fantastical coincidences. 

In which there are none; Coincidences. 

Every single thing that occurs in this reality that some of us are experiencing is first brought into existence by intentions, good or otherwise.  The way this spiritual battle will be won is through the admonishment of ignorance and through the proliferation of applied wisdom. 

There is nothing to be fearful of when seeing the numerology embedded in the flow of information that the so called elite are utilizing to empower themselves.  Even numbers such as 666, or the exquisite numeral that is 7.  There are logical reasons for the powers these numerals posses and the energies they contain.  For example, 666 may not be as frightening to someone when they discover that the more accurate science teaches us that this number pertains to man and the carbon atom.  

Leaving aside for now the most important aspect of our being, which is the spirit,  

Carbon-12 is one of five elements present in human DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid.  Of those elements are a known 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons.  Carbon-12 is what we are made up predominately, which is felt to be around 98.80% or so.  

Where there is much carbon there is much life.  

Of course what is being touted now, our “carbon footprint” is to big, we must get rid of the carbons.  Sounds very caring and concerned, so progressive, all the while playing right into the hands of the ill-informed as all the actors fly off in their enormous jets preaching about climate change in which they know not a thing about,

Divide and Conquer stratagem.

The carbons are us everyone, this is what our brains are made of, that and copper almost in its entirety. 

A final few thoughts about what seems to be very large losses in daily points the markets have been down over the last few weeks.  

The loss of 666 points on this day would seem to most I will surmise as being very large.  However, this was only a 2.5% drop of a market that is now into fantasy astronomical outlandish land, and everyone paying attention knows it.

The percentage of the total market reduction is far more telling, and important than the point drops of the day which are now 4 to 5 times more than what they were even 10 years ago. 

Some stocks have gone up over 9000% over this last year alone.  Some of these stocks that are hundreds of dollars for a single share do not even earn any money; some do not even have a tangible product or service.

If that is not fantasy world what is?

The markets are obviously in never seen before territory, because everything is phony.  Including the larger number point drops that are only a fraction percentage wise of the total market value which is what matters most.  

A 2.5% percentage drop in a market that has skyrocketed on nothing logical does not seem to much to give back.  Seems to be profit taking anyway, not the real crash that is still yet to come.  

The market must do this for the logical reasons as well as to make room for the new forms of currency which will replace the paper money sooner rather than later, that will be the cryptocurrencies and other forms of commerce such as a global note perhaps. 

We know this because the top officials from the International Monetary Fund have informed us as such, although very discreetly.  Through their well established repeated through the decades speeches and phrases, along with of course all the masonic hand gestures and signs displayed for their masters while on stage performing like the actors they are.   They have been warning about an economic “reset” for many years now.

Again this is nothing to be fearful of, we as the human family must become that much more polished and better in all that we do is all.  When the dollar gets decimated which it will, some feel in upwards of 75% or more all we will have left is our ingenuity because money will not matter anymore.

We as the entire collective consciousness are getting back to, and remembering that which we are made of, and that is star stuff, to remember Carl Sagan.  Might we not be dis- as- stars.  

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Dow plunges 666 points in biggest drop since Great Recession


In the worst sell-off since President Trump was elected, US stocks tumbled on Friday on fears a still expanding economy was finally pushing interest rates into the red zone.

As investors fled equities, the Dow Jones industrial average tumbled 666 points — the largest point decline for the index since the Great Recession.

One hour after the Labor Dept. on Friday morning reported a better-than-expected 200,000 jobs were created in January — all but ensuring a robust Federal Reserve attack on interest rates — investors opened the Dow down 125 points, and it went south from there.

“We all know that many bull markets have ended by the Federal Reserve as they raise the rates to the point of slowing the economy down perhaps too much,” Quincy Krosby, chief market strategist at Prudential Financial, told The Post.

“It’s come on quickly and it caught the market off guard,” Krosby said.

The Dow sell-off brought it below the 26,000 plateau — to 25,520.96 — the biggest points drop since Dec. 1, 2008.

The 2.5 percent drop, on a percentage basis, was the biggest since the day after the UK voted to exit the European Union — an event that sent markets into a free-fall the world over.

The Friday sell-off put the Dow on pace for its worst week in more than two years.

Even amid the fire and brimstone, some Wall Street stalwarts shrugged off the decline as no big deal.

“Stay the course,” said Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at “Markets go up and down, not just up. But they go up a lot more than they go down, so hang in there and consider buying more.”


The Dow had increased more than 7 percent so far this year, to a peak of 26,616 last week — one of the best starts even to a year.

The pullback only brings the index back to the level of Jan. 10, spokesman Ted Rossman noted.

“That’s right, all we’ve done is unwind three weeks’ worth of gains,” he added.

The strong January jobs report — which included news that wages have grown by 2.9 percent over the past year, the biggest rise in four years — sparked a cascade of panic-selling.

Bond investors sold off government debt, on fears that the Fed may have to raise rates four times this year — one more time than the central bank has forecast, Krosby said.

Earlier this week, the Fed had hinted that it would likely raise rates for the first time this year in March. The central bank tends to shy away from specific guidance to the markets.

The yield on the 10-year bond, which moves in the opposite direction of price, rose as high as 2.85 — which it hadn’t seen since 2014, an ominous sign that investors expect the US economy to inflate.

Practically, that means that it’s going to get more expensive to borrow money for both businesses and individuals who want to buy a house, car, or put a vacation on a credit card.

“Mortgage rates have already moved higher,” Krosby said. “The cost of money in essence goes up.”

The S&P 500, a broader index of stocks, fell 2.12 percent, to 2,762.13. The Nasdaq composite dropped 1.96 percent, to 7,240.95.

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